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1) Can we use the passive voice in writing task 1?


Sometimes, yes. But don't write things like "the number was increased". When describing numbers, just write "the number of… increased". I'll say a bit more about this question in tomorrow's lesson.

有时候,可以。但是不要写出类似“the number was increased”这样的句子。当描述数字时,只需要“the number of… increased”。


2) If the question asks "Is this a positive of negative development?", should we write about both postives and negatives?


It's your choice. You can take a strong view and argue that the development is 100% positive (or negative), or you can take a balanced view and give the positives and negatives. If you do discuss both sides, it might be best if you make an overall decision e.g. "In spite of the negative effects of…, I believe that it is a positive development overall."

取决于你。你可以持一个较为强烈的观点,认为这个发展是百分百的积极的(消极的),或者,你可以持一个较为中肯的观点,交代他的积极和消极面。但要注意,如果你是正反都讨论了,最好你需要作出一个最后的抉择,例如:in spite of the negative effects of…, I believe that it is a positive development overall

解读:对于利弊问题的回答,你可以走极端,你可以走中间路线,但是,最后,你还是要choose your side,你依然需要表达出你的偏好性选择,绝对不可以做骑墙派!

3) How can I improve my ability to answer multiple choice questions in the listening test?


Everyone finds multiple choice questions difficult, including me! The reason is that there's a lot to read, and a lot of information to keep in mind while you're listening. My advice is to underline one or two key words in the question and in each choice; this means that you'll have less information to focus on when listening. Also, the keywords will act as "signposts" so that you don't get lost in the middle of the recording.



4) In part 2 of the speaking test, should we follow the order of the points on the task card?


Personally, I think it's easier to follow the order of the points on the card. However, there isn't a rule about this, and it's fine to return to a previous point if you need to fill time.


解读:话题卡上的几个问题(when, what, how, who, why等),其实就是为了便于你展开思路而提出来的,所以,你完全没有必要被那几个问题所左右,只要是围绕着话题,随便怎么说都ok。

5) If I make a mistake in the speaking test, should I correct myself?


Yes. Occasional self-correction is good. It only becomes a problem if you self-correct so often that you lose fluency.




Describe a short journey that you disliked.

You should say:

where you went

who you went with

what you did

and explain why you disliked this journey.


I would like to talk about a short trip that I frequently take but dislike. My family and I have been living in Hanoi, however, we always make time for visiting my grandparents every other weekend in our hometown. It is situated in Ninh Binh province, which lies about 90 kms from Hanoi.

It normally takes us around 1 hour and a half to get there by car. To be honest, I usually get carsick, so I do not really enjoy travelling by car on trips outside the city. I mean, it makes me feel very tired and I have a headache throughout the journey, therefore I tend to fall asleep instead of staying awake to talk.

Despite the fact that carsickness makes it difficult for me to put up with even this short trip, I still try my best to take time to visit my grandparents with my small family. You know, because we are living in a big city, we are so caught up in work and study as well, that our lifestyle does not allow us to have much time to get together too often.

We always make the most of the family get-together, sharing the cooking, having meals and swapping a lot of stories with each other. What I really enjoy are the beautiful views of the countryside that my hometown offers. Once you have seen it, I guess, you would keep coming back for more. Although it is so tough to stop my carsickness, our family ties and the beauty of my small hometown will keep drawing me back there.


Describe a method that helps you save money

You should say:

what it is

how long have you been following it

is it a common method

and explain how effective it is to save money.


Interesting topic indeed and I thank you for the chance to let me talk about a method or way I personally apply to save money. Well, I use a personal accounting application on my mobile phone and enter my monthly earnings and expenditures on a daily basis. This method helps me track down the unnecessary expenses, alert me whenever my expenditure goes beyond a certain limit and eventually help me save money out of my monthly earnings.

This is an accounting software for the smartphone users. It is quite intuitive and easy to use- does not require someone to know the basics of accounting. This is comparatively a small application and does not require a huge resource, unlike many smartphone applications. I have been using this Android mobile application for the last 2 years. I have found it a very handy application that enables me to enter my earnings, expenses, shows various comprehensive reports and possible areas where I can expense less and save money. For instance, at the end of a month, I noticed that I have spent more than 700 dollars on taxi fair and that was quite alarming. I would never have noticed that without this application and from the next month I have devised other plans to reduce my monthly transportation costs.

I am not sure if this application is widely used or not, but using some sort of personal accounting software, mobile applications or using a notebook to tally the earning and expenses is rather a common method. I had my doubt initially whether I would be benefitted from this method. But after a few months, I started realising that it was helping me immensely. As a salaried employee, my earning remains almost the same in each month but the expenses vary to a great extent. Interestingly I knew the mandatory areas or my monthly expenses before I started using this application but after I started using it, my perception of the areas of expenses totally changed. I had no idea there were so many areas of my expenses and the possible ways to save some money weekly by following some simple steps. This application helped me tremendously and I have to thank the developer of this application who made it totally free to download and use.

Adjusting the daily expenses on the application was kind of boring at the beginning, but within a few weeks, I made it a daily habit. Since this method is helping me to save money, I consider it an important task at the end of the day. This application even has reminder options for different events and occasions of my friends and family members. For instance, at the beginning of a month, the application shows me the birthdays or similar events that are going to take place in this month. The reminder also shows me the possible amount I can spend on gifts without crossing my monthly budget. The most amazing feature of this application is its ability to compare products I regularly purchase or intend to purchase and notify me the best price and special deals. I personally find it very handy as the shopping comparison is done by my application and saves both time and money for me.


Describe a creative person, such as an artist or musician, who has influenced you.

You should say:

who this person is

how he/ she is creative

how you know him /her

and explain why you admire this person.


The American songwriter, artist, writer and singer, Bob Dylan, whose original name is Robert Allen Zimmerman is a very creative person I know about. I also admire for his creative songwriting and noteworthy songs. He is, in fact, one of the most influential songwriters and singers of all time and I respect him greatly.

He was born in 1941 in the USA and due to his remarkable contributions to literature, he was awarded the Nobel Prize recently. The Nobel Prize for literature is awarded both for lasting literary merit and for evidence of consistent idealism to a great extent. Dylan's songs have such creativity, consistent idealism and universal appeal and without any doubt, he is a very talented and creative person.

He is such a powerful and influential singer that his song like 'The times they are a-changing' and 'Blowing in the wind' became anthems for the American civil rights and anti-war movements.

His creative and dazzling lyrics incorporate a vast range of social, political, psychological, philosophical, and literary influences. As a musician, he has sold more than 10 million records. Besides, he is also a talented painter.

I knew him first when I heard his song 'Slow Train' from his album 'Slow Train Coming' in my early college days. I have explored his music and heard most of the songs sung by him. I have also read several articles online about him and his works. I know him as a revered songwriter and he is one of my favourite singers of all time.

I admire him mostly because of his talent and outstanding contribution to the music, lyrics, and literary works through his songwriting. There were times when his music personally inspired me, motivated me and helped me forget my pain. I have never met him in person but he seems like someone I know for a long and very closely. I respect him as a great musician, admire him as a songwriter and consider him one of the greatest minds of the present era.




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