Be Happy 快乐

Red is for love 红色是情爱

Let you love shine 让她放光彩。

Orange is for hope 橙色是希望

Dream you dream 放飞心中的梦想

Yellow is for happiness 黄色是幸福

Create it in your soul 产生在灵魂的深处

Green is for trust 绿色是信任

Trust yourself 相信自己的忠贞

Blue is for truth 蓝色是真理

Live you inner truth 发自你的心底

Indigo is for freedom 靛蓝是自由

Take responsibility for yourself 请用责任去守候

Violet is for respect 紫色是尊敬

Toward everybody you meet. 面对芸芸众生

And so you create your own cercle of colors to see a Rainbow 创造自己的缤纷彩虹

Hear and feel the sounds of each color 感受属于你的多彩人生

Write your own symphony 书写自己的生命的乐章


And share it with the World 同世上的人们共同分享

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