get 十个实用词组

常常听英语母语者说话 get 这个 get 那个吗?

get better? get rid of? get along with?

到底 get 还有哪些用法呢?

往下看看来 get 十个实用词组吧!

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get 取得

It's raining. Can I get you a cab?下雨了。需要我帮你叫一台出租车吗?

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get along with + 人 相处得好

Do you get along with your new roommates? Are they friendly?你跟你的新室友相处得好吗?他们友善吗?

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get away from + 地方 离开

My parents are going to the country for a few days. They need to get away from the city.我爸妈要去乡下几天。他们想要离开城市一下。

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get over 克服 / 从某事恢复过来

Andrew is desperate. He hasn't got over his breakup with his ex-girlfriend.Andrew 很绝望,他还没有走出和前女友分手的情伤。

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get better 更好

Our business was really bad last month, but it's getting better now.我们的生意上个月真是惨不忍睹,但现在正在好转。

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get rid of 丢弃/摆脱

My sister can't get rid of the habit of biting her nails.我妹妹无法摆脱咬指甲的坏习惯。

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get up 起床

You should get up or you will be late again!该起床了,不然你又要迟到了!

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get through 完成 / 熬过

It's been a long day. I don't know how to get through it.今天真是辛苦,我不知道该怎么熬过这一天。

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get in touch with + 人 联络

I need to get in touch with Sarah. Who has her phone number?我必须联络 Sarah。谁有她的电话号码?

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get serious 认真

Okay, we've had enough fun for now. Let's get serious.我们已经欢乐很久了,现在该认真了。


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