I‘m not a newsboy 我不是送报的

I‘m not a newsboy

Freelance newspaper writers don‘t get nearly as much attention as writers with regular bylines. So I was delighted when I finally got some notice. It was at the bank, and I was depositing a stack of checks.

  ”Wow,” said the teller, reading off the names of publishers from the tops of the checks. “You must deliver a lot of papers.”




报纸的自由撰稿人得到的关注并不象专职写手们的那样多,因为他们的文字作品印刷时会有附着个人资料。 所以,当我最终得到一些关注时,我感到很高兴。 那次我去银行,要存一大叠支票。“哇”,当出纳员读着支票票面顶端位置上写的发行商名字时,不由得惊呀地叫了一声,“你一定送了很多报纸了”。


Better hire a bodyguard


Guns always gave me the willies. But when my new job required me to transport valuables, I decided I needed one for protection. Since I knew next to nothing about firearms, I joined a pistol club, hoping to pick up some much-needed pointers. After watching and evaluating my technique for a few weeks, the instructor pulled me aside.

  ”Are you open to a suggestion?” he asked.

  ”Absolutely,” I replied.

  ”Hire a bodyguard,” he said.




 枪总是让我胆战心惊。但当我的工作需要我去运送贵重物品时,我觉得我真的需要一把枪来防身。 因为我对武器几乎一无所知,我参加了一家手枪俱乐部,希望学到一些必备的枪械知识。 经过数周对我的技巧的观察和评估后,教练把我拉到一边。“愿意接受些建议吗?” “没有任何问题,请讲”我回答。 “请个保镖吧”教练说。





Running late for a job interview at a large men‘s fashion company, I grabbed a white dress shirt that I didn‘t have time to iron. The interview went well — until the end. “Just a word of advice,” said my interviewer. “You might want to iron your shirt before your next job interview.” I held up the back of my shirt collar, revealing the tag. On it was the name of that very clothing company and the words “wrinkle-free.” I got the job.



我要去一家时装公司应聘,眼看就要迟到,我随便拿起一件熨过的礼服白衬衣就出发了。 面试顺利进行—-直到最后面试官说,“只是一点意见, 下次去面试之前你是不是先熨一下你的衬衣”。 我举起我的衬衣领的后面,露出标签,上面有厂商的公司名和“免熨”字样。我得到了这份工作。


Can‘t make it work


One of the workers on my construction crew didn‘t show up for work on Monday, and he didn‘t phone to explain his absence. On Tuesday morning, though, he did call.

  ”I won‘t be able to make it to work today,” he said, “or yesterday.”




我所在的基建组的一名工人周一没有来上班,而且没有打电话来解释。 不过,周二早上,他的确打电话来了。




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