Yi Shus classic words 亦舒经典语录

★In your life, there will at least one time that you forget yourself for someone, asking for no result, no company, no ownership, even nor love. But just ask for meeting you in my best ages.

★I love and am used to keeping a distance with those changed things. Only in this way can I know what will not be abandoned by time. For example, when you love someone, changes are all around. Then I step backward and watching it silently, then I see the true feelings.

★When you are young, you may want several love experiences. But as time goes on, you will realize that if you really love someone, the whole life will not be enough. You need time to know, to forgive and to love. All this needs a very big mind.

★Is there anyone who hasn‘t suffered for the secret love? We always think that love is very heavy, heavy and could be the heaviest thing in the world. But one day, when you look back, you suddenly realize that it‘s always light, light. We all thought love was very deep, but in fact it‘s very thin. The deepest and heaviest love must grow up with the time.

★A real graceful lady, never shows off what she has. She would never tell people what books she has read, where she has been, how many clothes she has, or what jewellery she got. Because she has no sense of inferiority.

★The grievances can be told is not real grievances; The lover can be stolen is not real a lover.


★No matter what you do, remember you do it for yourself, then you have nothing to complain.

★Too often, people only  believe what they want to believe.

★The most stupid thing is to show off your self-esteem before money and love.













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