Jim: Hey Claire, you‘ve been really quiet these last few days. Is something wrong?

  Claire: I‘ve been really stressed. It‘s the end of the year and I‘ve got so much stuff to do! I feel like I‘m drowning in work.

  J: Well, stress is a real thing. It‘s not an imaginary condition.

  C: It‘s seriously affecting my life! I can‘t sleep, I don‘t have much of an appetite and my husband says I‘ve been kind of short tempered. Other people seem to handle stress okay…why am I so weak?

  Claire最近一直不太说话,原来是因为到年底了,有做不完的事情,I‘ve been really stressed. 她感觉压力特别大。Claire说,I feel like I‘m drowning in work. Drown, d-r-o-w-n, drown 溺水,在这里是一种比喻的说法,drown in work 意思是自己快要被工作压垮了。Claire不仅睡眠不好,食欲差,而且还动不动就发脾气,short tempered。大家都有压力,是不是只有Claire承压能力差呢? Jim说,

  J: You‘re not weak…you‘re stressed out! Stress has been a part of the human condition for millions of years. Back when we still lived in the trees we had to watch out for predators…and as you might imagine, that was pretty stressful.

  C: Yeah, but I don‘t see any tigers or leopards roaming around our office. My stress is just about silly paperwork!

  J: But you‘re actually having the same reaction as our tree-dwelling ancestors! It‘s called the “flight or fight” response. Each time you feel like something‘s threatening you, your body decides whether to run away or fight…it causes all sorts of chemical reactions in the body.

  Jim安慰Claire说,这是身体对过度压力所做出的反应,就好像原来住在树上的老祖宗,随时随地要watch out for predators警惕捕食者的来袭,虽然现代人压力的来源变了,但是Claire面对压力,身体做出的反应还是一样的,这种反应叫flight。

  1 I‘m beat! 累死我啦!

  Beat是俚语,就是指very tired,关于beat的俚语解释还有很多,很多人熟悉的Michael Jackson的那首歌Beat It,有些CD封面翻译成打击它,而实际上beat it在这里也是一个俚语的词组,即闪开,一边儿去的意思。

  2 I feel burnt out all the time. 我经常感觉自己快燃尽了。

  Burnt out是固定搭配,蜡烛烧到最后马上就要烧干,这种状态现在很多上班族都有,没完没了的会议和没完没了的文件处理,自己的精力就慢慢被耗尽。这是典型的生活失去平衡的症状,人们需要花更多时间在工作以外的事情上,比如锻炼身体,听听音乐,还有交朋友。

  3 Burning the midnight oil, huh? 正在熬夜工作吗?


  4 No facebook or twitter for you today! Finish this today or you‘re fired!



  5 I know you‘re under a lotta stress, but you‘re gonna have to deal with this now.


  压力山大的英文怎么说?under a lotta stress。压力像一座山一样压到你的肩膀上,我们就躲在下面寻找喘息的机会。

  6 This boulder on my shoulder gets heavy and harder to hold and this load is like the weight of the world.



  7 看一段对话

  —-I‘ve got a stack of documents on my desk this high.

  —-Just toss them in the shredder and claim you never got them.

  这段话来自《老友记》,一个人说我办公桌的文件都叠很高了,Chandler风趣的说道,应该把那些文件都扔到碎纸机里,然后和别人说自己从来没收到这些文件。一摞文件的说法是a stack of documents,碎纸机的说法是shredder。



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