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★、Take good care of yourself. We all love you, mom. 请好好地照顾自己。我们都爱您,妈妈。

★、Thank you for everything over the years, mom. 妈妈,谢谢您这些年来所做的一切。

★、Thanks for being there, mom. Happy Mother’s Day.谢谢您不断地扶持我.祝您母亲节快乐.

★、I don’t take the time to tell you this often, but I love you, mom. 虽然我经常没有时间告诉您,但我真的爱您,妈妈。

★、I just put a giftsintosthe mail. I hope it reaches you in time for Mother’s Day . Have a very happy Mother’s Day. I wish I could be there to share it with you.

★、I may not often say it, but I do love you. 我也许并不常挂在嘴上,但我真正爱您。

★、I once didn’t cherish your careful instruction, only when you are not with me, I realize you are so valuable to me. Mom, I hope you forget my rudeness, and you can be happy and peaceful everyday!你善意的谆谆叮嘱,我曾不懂珍惜,一旦你不在我身边,我才晓得你对我的可贵。妈妈,希望你大人不记小人过,平安快乐每一天。

★、If I were a rich man, you would be a rich man’s mother. If I were president, you would be president’s mother. No matter what I will be, I will always love you, Mom!我若是大款,您就是大款的妈妈。我若是总统,您就是总统的妈妈。不管我将来人生的路将是怎样,我都会永远爱您,妈妈!

★、Mom is always the best in the world! If there were not heaven, there wouldn’t be earth. If there were not you, there wouldn’t be me! Thank you so much for bringing me everything!世上只有妈妈好,没有天就没有地,没有您就没有我,谢谢您给我带来的一切一切。

★、Mom, I keep my appreciation to you in the bottom of my heart for your caring and loving me so much although I had never written even a note or express my thanks to you.从没有为您写过什么,也没有跟您说过什么感谢的话,但您对我的关心和爱,点点滴滴却都留在我的心头。

★、Mom, thank you for being you. 妈妈,谢谢您的一切。

★、Mom, thank you so much for not only giving birth to me but also teaching me how to be a good man. No matter what will be in the future, I will always love you!妈妈,感谢您赐给了我生命,是您教会了我做人的道理。无论未来怎么样,我都会永远爱您!

★、Mom, your love is just like a bar of candy, with a package of ceaseless chatter and scold; I couldn't find it out until I grow up. Happy Mother's Day!妈妈,您的爱,就像块糖,包在唠叨里,藏在责骂里,让我东找西找,直到我懂事,才找到。祝您母亲节快乐

★、No matter how many grey hairs you have because of your hard-working year after year, you are the most beautiful and forever young in my heart! Mom, wish you remain young and happy! 辛劳一辈子的您虽已银发如雪,可您在我心目中仍是那么的青春靓丽!妈妈,祝您永远年轻快乐!

★、Nobody can take your part in my heart, Mom,wherever you are, I will always love you!在这世界上,也没有人能取代您在我心里的位置。妈妈,无论在哪里,我永远爱您。

★、Mom! Thank you again for your hard work, cooking us tasty dinner, washing clothes for us, making us happy! And please accept the sincere wish from our whole family,Happy Mother's Day!感谢您让咱们一家人吃的丰盛、穿的体面、乐的开怀,让我代表一家人向您说:母亲节快乐!

★、Mom, I am concerned about you not just on this special day. Everyday would be Mother's Day within the year! Hope you enjoy yourself everyday!并不是只有在母亲节这天才要特别去关心母亲,365天里,每一天都是母亲节。希望母亲能天天快乐,日日幸福!

★、Mom, I can't send you a bunch of Carnation cause I'm not by your side, but I hope this text-message can tell my greeting. May you can be healthy and happy forever!妈妈:身在异乡的我不能给您亲手送上一束康乃馨,惟有以此短信以表我的心意,祝您健康、快乐、幸福无边。

★、On this day we honor you, dear mother.亲爱的妈妈,我们向您致敬.

★、Roses are red, violets are blue. This card on Mother’s Day is especially for you. 玫瑰是红色的,紫罗兰是蓝色的。这张母亲卡是特别给您的。

★、Sometimes I cry and make you sigh, but you know that I love you so. 有时候我哭泣而使您叹息,但您却知道,我是如此地爱您。

★、Sometimes it may not seem like it, but I really do love you. 有时候好像不是这样,但是我真的爱您。


★、There are little things that I should have said and done to show my gratitude, but it is appreciated what you do. 尽管我为表示谢意所说的和所做的都那么少,但同样也是表达对您所做一切的感激之情。

★、There may be moms all over the world, but you’re the only one that matters to me. 全世界也许到处都有妈妈,但您是我惟一最在意的。

★、This card comes from the whole family. Happy Mother’s Day.这张卡片是我们全家合送的.祝您母亲节快乐.

★、This card is to let you know that you have done a super job raising us children. 这张卡片是想告诉您,在教养子女方面,您做得棒极了。

★、This is the day that we appreciate all the things that moms do for us. Thank you . 在这个日子里,我们感谢妈妈为我们所做的一切。谢谢您。

★、Though it is hard to tell you sometimes, I do love you dearly, mom. 虽然有时要告诉您并不太容易,但是我真的非常爱您,妈妈。

★、To mother on Mother’s Day: Thank you for all of the wonderful things that you h ave done for me. 母亲节给妈妈:谢谢您为我做了那么多奇妙的事。

★、To the world’s number one mom! 给世界上最好的妈妈!

★、You are the best mom that a son ever had.您是儿子心中最好的妈妈。

★、You are the one that we love the most. Have a happy Mother’s Day. 您是我们最爱的人。祝您有一个快乐的母亲节。

★、You did such a sacrifice to give birth to a lovely me, despite losing your attractive figure. Mom. You are so great!您不惜牺牲了您苗条的身材,孕育了一个如此可爱的我,妈妈,您真的

★、Although you don’t say anything, I can understand your heart: you always care me! Thank you!Mom.虽然您不轻易表露,但我知道您一直都在关心着我。谢谢您,妈妈!

★、Having been in this world for long, I realized that you are the one who loves me most, Mom!走过了那么多年,我才深深地知道,最爱我的人是您,妈妈。

★、Here’s a little token of my appreciation for all that you have done for me over the years. 这是我一点小小的心意,感谢您这么多年来所付出的一切。

★、Today is your day to relax and let us take care of you. Happy Mother’s Day.今天是您休息的日子,让我们来照顾您.母亲节快乐.

★、We may not be angels all of the time, but we do appreciate what you do.我们也许不是一直都像天使那样乖巧,但我们确实感谢您的教诲.

★、We will try to make this your best Mother’s Day ever. 我们将努力使今天成为您过得最愉快的母亲节。

★、We would love to fix breakfast for you mom, but we think it would be safer for us all if we took you out.

★、While you gave me life, you took me as your concern. Mom, I wish you happiness and joy everyday when I’m away from you!您给了我生命,而我则成了您永远的牵挂。在我无法陪伴