Who cheat? 底谁在欺骗谁?

It was a small town with fantastic landscapes that attracted a wealth of the rich to live in it. But they were not living for long. The rich people would come to the town for one or two months during their vacations and relaxed themselves.

Ming was also attracted by the scenic spots to the town. But he had little money and did not have a permanent income, so he rented a cheap house after he arrived. But what drew his attention most here was those wealthy people. His job was to sell cell phones. But they were not “real” phones. They were indeed counterfeits that could model the real ones which had comprehensive and great functions with the cost of no more than 20 yuan. If he met his less lucky day, he could earn at least several hundred yuan, while several thousand yuan if he met his lucky day. As those buyers were very well-off, they would not care about the money even though they discovered the phones to be fake later.

One day, Ming’s pocket was empty again and wanted to earn money with his tricks. Luckily, there was still a fake phone in his pocket to sell, which made him terrifically pleased. He took the phone with him in the street where a crow of people were coming and going that made his eyes spin. But soon enough, he spotted a target, a seemingly wealthy middle-aged man in an old jacket. Ming came up to him and smiled politely, saying, “Hey, friend…….” But the man was very alert and asked, “What’s up?”

Ming was quite acquainted with the man’s reaction—the richer a man was, the more alert he would be, and the easier it was to cheat him. So Ming said to him immediately, “Friend, I have a phone with me. I bought it at 5,000 yuan. But now I could sell it to you at only 3,000.” The man seemed uninterested in his phone and wanted to go away. Ming stopped him and said, “What about 2,000?” The man was greatly irritated and shouted at him, “What do you want to do with me?”

Ming was stunned to speechlessness, because he had not seen anyone like the man since he began his business. Ming immediately put up a poor face and hugged the man’s legs, crying to him, “Oh, my dear friend! I am selling phones to make a living. Ok, now I will only sell my phone at 1,000. Only 1,000, is it ok?” Ming began pouring out his “miserable story” as he was crying. The man, after seeing this, felt a little bit affected and put his hands into his pocket. Knowing that the man seemed to be stricken to buy the phone, Ming cried even harder. Then to Ming’s expectation, the man took out 1,000 yuan to Ming and took the phone away.



这日,小明的口袋又空啦!就又打起歪脑筋来,正巧,上次还余下一部假手机,心里一阵狂喜,装着手机就走了。路上行人人来人往,叫小明看得眼花缭乱,但很快他就选好了目标——一个身着一件旧夹克,看似很有钱的中年男子。小明围上去,堆上职业性的笑容,说:“大哥……” 男子似乎很警觉,说:“干什么?”

小明对这类人司空见惯了——越富有,就越警觉,也越好被骗。于是立刻说:“大哥啊,我是个推销手机的,”说着,将口袋里的手机掏出来,继续说:“我这里有部手机,原价五千,现在卖您三千……” 男子似乎毫不理他,转身就想走,小明立刻堵住他的路:“这样吧,两千……”男子见小明堵住他的路,顿时发起了大火,喝道:“你想干什么?”




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