《Hachiko: A Dogs Story》classic lines忠犬八公的故事经典台词

  ☆、The distance between life and death, for a dog, it cannot fathom, it only believe, his master will come back. It‘s life as a water passage, one point one year after year in bluestone station. As a dog, it has its principles, never abandon, regardless of sickness and death. It was lying there, ten years, and a landscape. For life or for death, however separated, to our wives we pledged our word.

  ☆、Whether it is waiting for the previous owner, or waiting for me, I feel very touched, very happy.“ It teaches us the meaning of loyalty — should never forget the people you love.

  ☆、Moved to new leaves to be deciduous, and how many conversion cycle, the only constant is standing waiting figure. Waiting for the silent witness to their most sincere, the most pure love, also deeply touched by people……

  ☆、I have said that the soul is not more than the body。And I said that the body is no more than the soul。And nothing,not God is greater than one, than one itself is。

  ☆、They taught me the meaning of loyalty that you should never forget anyone that you loved.



  生与死的距离,对于一条狗来说,它无法参透,它只相信,他的主人会回来。 它的生命如一注流水,一点一点在车站的青石台上年复一年地流逝。作为一只狗,它有它的原则,不离不弃,不论生老病死。它卧在那里,十年,透彻成一种风景。死生契阔,与子成说。



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