Jack and the Beanstalk 杰克和豆茎

Once upon a time there was a poor mother who lived alone with her son, Jack. All they had in the world was an old cow to give them milk. One day the cow stopped giving milk so the woman had to sell her.

She told Jack to take the cow to market and to get as much money as he could for her.On his way to market Jack met a man who wanted to buy the cow. He offered Jack five beans for the cow.Jack knew that his mother would be very angry if he sold the cow for beans.

“They are very special beans” said the man. “They are MAGIC ! – they will bring you good luck!” Jack thought that he and his mother needed some good luck, so he gave the cow to the man in return for the magic beans.

As you can imagine, Jacks mother was furious with him when he returned home with no money at all, just a few beans. She threw the beans out of the window and sent Jack to bed without any supper. Poor Jack ! He really thought that the beans were magic. Now he felt just silly.

Next day he woke up but it was very dark in his bedroom as if it was still night. He looked out of his window and all he could see were lots and lots of dark green leaves. They seemed to disappear into the clouds. It was a giant beanstalk ! So they were magic beans after all!









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