Why life is worth living? 为什么生命值得活下去

‘Why  life is worth living?’ If you ask this question to randomly selected people, you will get different answers. There is no definite or right answer in this case, but we have put together a few interesting reasons from different people as to why life is worth living。



1. Learning

This is the reason we heard from school and college going kids. They all look forward to knowing, learning and finding out more about everything. Right from studies to games, the eagerness to do better and learn more makes their lives worth living。

2. Creating

When we spoke to a few office goers and professionals, this was the reason they gave. The ability to create things, be it a weekly status report or a new document or a painting or composing a new song seemed to make life worthwhile for many。
3. New Opportunities

This was another reason that was put forth by people in professions, businesses and working cadre. They seemed to be looking forward to new opportunities in life. Both professionally and personally, these people looked forward to moving ahead and getting appreciation. They liked to grab the new opportunities life threw at them which made their lives worth living。

4. Exploring

Some people just liked to say that they wanted to explore more and discover new horizons. Touring around the world, learning about the world history and visiting the most famous places did make life worth for many people. Exploring religious and spiritual boundaries also seemed to be another reason。

5. Growing Up

Well, some people like to simply see where life leads them to. Growing older every year, getting wiser and learning simple and profound lessons from life makes life worth living for many people。

6. Celebrations

Believe it or not, some people think life is worth living because they get to celebrate special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries and festivals with their loved ones. Well, we can understand the joy one feels when loved ones get together and share special moments, can‘t we?

7. Love

Well, this reason is an evergreen one. Life is worth living for the loved ones around, be it a wife/husband, children or friends. Such relationships make life worth everything. Being able to love some one and being loved back certainly makes life worth living, doesn’t it?


“为什么生命值得活下去?” 如果你随机选一个人然后问这个问题,你会得到不同的答案。对于这个问题,没有明确的或正确的答案,但对于“为什么生命值得活下去” 这个问题,我们从不同的人身上汇集了一些有趣的原因。
















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