Cancellation of love 爱情退订

Cancellation of love


Just as my husband pulled his delivery van away from the florist, the manager came running out. There was a cancellation on one of the orders, and he needed it back.

  ”Which one?” my husband asked.

  ”The one that reads ‘Susan, I will love you forever. Bob.‘ “




正当我丈夫把送用货用的面包车开离花店时,经理跑着追了出来。 原来,有一份定单取消了,他需要把送出的花要回来。 “哪一个单子?”我丈夫问。





Classical music fanatic

After inflating the playground balls, our school custodian, a classical music fanatic, had an odd habit of writing the names of famous composers on them. No one seemed particularly bothered by this behavior except for one parent volunteer.

  ”Can you believe this?” she said, thrusting a basketball under my nose. “Some kid wrote his name on all the balls!”

  ”Who was it?” I asked.

  ”Aaron Copland.”




我们学校的管理员是一名疯狂的古典音乐爱好者。他有一个古怪的习惯,每次在给运动场的球打上气之后,他都要在球上面写上一些著名作曲家的名字。 似乎没有人对这种行为感到特别的烦,除了这一次,一位家长志愿者说,“你能相信这样的事?” 她把一个篮球塞到我鼻子底下。“有个小孩把他的名字写上了所有的球上了!”“谁”?
  “Arron Copland”。

  注:Arron Copland是知名的美国作曲家


Blood donation


Who says companies only care about the bottom line? Ours is socially conscious and offers employees fun outdoor activities throughout the complex.

  Both of these admirable elements were driven home one day when a voice over the loudspeaker boomed “Everyone who signed up to donate blood, please report to the rifle range!”



谁说公司只顾着赚钱? 我们公司就很有社会意识的,同时还在整栋综合楼里面给员工们提供了有趣的户外活动。






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