Little things in a relationship 恋爱中的小细节

Ask any man who has been in a relationship and he is sure to tell you that more than the expensive dates and costly gifts,the small gestures and little things made all the difference. To sustain any relationship you don’t need a pocket full of money. What you need is a heart full of love and a brain filled with ideas to woo and be good to her. Keeping this notion in mind, here is the low-down of all the little things that count in a relationship.

1. A good-morning / good-night text

You can make your girl’s day by sending her a lovie-dovie ‘good morning’ text. Nothing makes a girl happier than waking up to a lovely message that wishes her a great day ahead. In case you missed the opportunity to text her in the morning, don’t worry. Send her a good night text and make sure to tuck her in and kiss her good night. She will sleep with the biggest smile on her face and will surely dream of you all night.

2. Drop her home safely

When I make the above point I don‘t expect you to become her personal chauffeur. What you are expected to be is gentleman who drops his girl home after a date or at least offers to do so. This in no way suggests she cannot go alone, or that you alone can protect her. Simply put, it is a kind and chivalrous thing to do and so you must do it.

3. Be her confidante

One of the most precious facets of a relationship is the ability to share and talk random stuff. Listen and accept your partner’s secrets (be it the heavy and serious ones or the outright dumb and funny ones) and become her confidante. In turn, do make it a point to share yours. By doing so, you will open up the channel of communication and facilitate free-talk and the fostering of trust.

4. Remember dates


Women have a huge problem with a man’s inability to remember dates. You must avoid pissing her off by making an attempt to remember the dates that matter. Store them in your phone calendar or stick post-its on your office desk if you must, but do not forget important dates!

5. Share your ambitions


Opening up to your girl and letting her in on your ambitions and career plans makes her feel needed and important. So don’t shy away from discussing work with her. Ask her for suggestions and inputs and she might just surprise you with her ability to solve your work related problems.

















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