My Father and Mother我的父亲和母亲

My dear friends, have you ever seen the film “ My Siblings”? If you saw ,do you want to know another “film” ——–“My Father and Mother”?

I come from a faraway small village of Jingshan, Hubei province .My father and mother are both farmers, of course ,I’m the son of farmers.Mr Deng said “I am the son of Chinese people,I love my country and the people deeply.” Like what Deng said , I love my parents deeply.

My young friends, especially for our young students, some of us are not willing to talk about our parents, just because they are farmers who we think are in the bottom rung and we think are the most useless people. In our morden society ,yes, most of us have been the son of farmers when we were born.But it’s just right that these farmers bring up us. They are our parents , our father and mother .We should say we love our parents justly and forcefully, can you ?

In my middle school time ,my school was in the another city ,so I could only go home in summer holidays and winter holidays. I always complained that the holidays were too short. The day when I should get back to school was coming , I always was hustled by my mother , she said I must study hard for my beautiful tomorrow. I haven’t known what had happened after I left home until now. I heard my mother always cried silently and she was not brisk for days after I left home. Today ,when I get back to school, she still sees me off rushing to catch buses in early morning no matter what the weather like. She tells me that she will insist on seeing me off forever if she can.

In last summer holiday ,my farther and mother changed their old conceptions a little that they still looked upon me as a child. Frankly speaking, our parents always regard us as children in their mind no matter how old you are. I became a teacher, my parents told me : “ You must teach carefully, because you are paid by the goverment . You must deal with whatever things you do well in your life .No one wants to entrust his children to a unconscientious teacher……” obviously they wished me to make greater progress.

Our parents are getting older and older ,don’t you pay attention to more and more silvery hair is climbing upward quietly? In contrast, boys are becoming stronger and stronger , girls are becoming more and more beautiful.when we were children, our parents were our shadow ,after growing up, we are our parents’ shadow. We are the continuity of their life.

My dear friends, when you walk in the roads of campus with your girlfriend intimately,have you ever thought about alloting a little solicitude for your father and mother; when you play with your classmates happily in the open field, have you ever thought about distributing a little happiness for your father and mother ; when you are eating delicious food jubilantly with your friends, have you ever thought about dividing a little delicacies for your father and mother? …… when you are in alien land,have you ever remebered your parents like what they do?

Maby you say we having nothing to repay, yes, we really have nothing to repay.We just have good grades,we just have enthusiasm, obedience, health ,smile and maturity.

 ———Xinzhou Middle School  Written by Zhang Tianliang(英语散文 )















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