The Burden of the Shoulder 肩上的担子


A farmer took on firewood by tramping over mountains and through ravines every day, In order to get a day‘s rations and let his son goes to school with the remaining money.


When his son came back in summer vacation, his father let him pick firewood and sell it in order to cultivate his hardship spirit. His son felt reluctant that take on firewood by tramping over mountains and through ravines, so he gave up finally. The father can‘t be helped, so he sighed and let his son rest at the side. He still took on firewood day by day.

There‘s many a slip between the cup and the lip. The father was ill and he cannot get up. There was no income in home, so his son decided to provoke the burden of life. The sun had not yet risen, while the son learned his father cut firewood and sell it at the bazaar. Nevertheless, he was not a bit tired.

“Son, don’t tired out!” the father looked at his son busy figure felt pitying and loving and said to him. The son stopped the work and said to his father:“It is strange that I feel tired when you asked me to do, however, I fell the burden more and more light even though I pick the more heavy ”

The father nodded his head approvingly and said to his son:” your body‘s endurance is training out and It is important of your mature.”

This story tells us: to think of ourselves as stronger in life and bear the burden of life willingly.(英语故事 )









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