Jack the Giant-Killer 巨人杀手杰克

Jack was the son of a farmer, and lived in the days of King Arthur. He was brave and intelligent and became famous for killing a lot of giants. Jack first killed the giant of Mount Cornwall by using a trick. He dug a pit, covered it with branches and earth, and then lured the giant into it. Later he got from another giant four marvelous things—again by using tricks. The four things were an invisible coat, a cap of wisdom, shoes of swiftness, and a resistless sword. When he put on his coat no eye could see him; when he had his shoes on no one could catch up with him; his sword would cut through everything, and when put on his cap he knew everything he wanted to know. With the help of these, he destroyed all the giants. (英语故事带翻译www.lyy5.com )




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