Unit 1 How can we become good learners?


1. good learners 优秀的学习者

2. work with friends 和朋友一起学习

3. study for a test 备考

4.have conversations with 与……交谈

5.speaking skills 口语技巧

6.a little 有点儿

7.at first 起初 起先

8.the secret to… …….的秘诀

9.because of 因为

10.as well 也

11.look up 查阅;抬头看

12.so that 以便,为了

13.the meaning of ……的意思

14.make mistakes 犯错误

15.talk to 交谈

16.depend on 依靠 依赖

17.in common 共有的

18.pay attention to 注意 关注

19. connect …with …把……联系

20.for example 例如

21.think about 考虑

22.even if 即使 尽管 纵容

23.look for 寻找

24.worry about 担心 担忧

25.make word cards 制作单词卡片

26.ask the teacher for help 向老师求助

27.read aloud 大声读

28.spoken English 英语口语

29.give a report 作报告

30.word by word 一字一字地

31. so……that 如此……以至于

32.fall in love with 爱上

33.something interesting 有趣的事情

34.take notes 记笔记

35.how often 多久一次

36.a lot of 许多

37.the ability to do sth. 做某事的能力

38.learning habits 学习习惯

39.be interested in 对……感兴趣

40.get bored 感到无聊



①What/ how about +doing sth.? 做…怎么样?

如:What/ How about going shopping?

②Why don't you + do sth.? 你为什么不做…?

如:Why don't you go shopping?

③Why not + do sth. ? 为什么不做…?

如:Why not go shopping?

④Let's + do sth. 让我们做…吧。

如:Let's go shopping

⑤Shall we/ I + do sth.? 我们/我…好吗?

如:Shall we/ I go shopping?

2. too…to…… 太…而不能

如:I'm too tired to say anything.


3. be / get excited about sth. 对…感兴奋

4. end up doing sth : 以……结束

如:The party ended up singing.


5. end up with sth. 以…结束

如:The party ended up with her singing.


Unit 2 I think that mooncakes are delicious!


1.put on 增加(体重);发胖

2.care about 关心; 在乎

3.end up 最终成为, 最后处于

4.not only ……but also……不但……而且……

5.shoot down 射下

6.used to do 过去常常做……

7.remind sb. of 使某人想起

8.give out 分发 发放

9.the water festival 泼水节

10.the Chinese spring festival 中国春节

11.next year 明年

12.sound like 听起来像

13.each other 互相 彼此

14.in the shape of 以……的形状

15.on mid-autumn night 在中秋之夜

16.fly up to 飞向

17.lay out 摆开 布置

18.come back 回来

19.as a result 结果 因此

20.Mother's day 母亲节

21.more and more popular 越来越受欢迎

22.think of 想起 ;认为 ;思考

23.dress up 装扮 穿上盛装

24.the importance of ……的重要性

25.make money 挣钱

26.in need 需要帮助 处于困境中

27.between …and…在……和……之间

28.the dragon boat festival 龙舟节

29.the lantern festival 元宵节

30.like best 最喜欢

31.go to …for a vacation 去……度假

32.be similar to 与……相似

33.wash away 冲走 洗掉

34.Mid-autumn festival 中秋节

35.shoot down 射下

36.call out 大声呼喊

37.the tradition of ……的传统

38.at night 在夜里; 在晚上

39.one…,the other…一个……,另一个……

40.Father's day 父亲节


1. I think that they're fun to watch.


2. What do you like about… ?

What do you like best about the Dragon Boat Festival?


3. What a great day!


4 .1 wonder if…

I wonder if it's similar to the Water Festival of the Dai people in Yunnan Province.


5. How+adj. /adv. + 主 + 谓!

How fantastic the dragon boat teams were!


6.What + 名词+主语+谓语!

What an interesting book it is!


Unit 3 Could you please tell me where the restaurants are?


1.a pair of 一对,一双,一副

2.between A and B 在a和b之间

3.on one's / the way to 在去……的路上

4.pardon me 什么,请再说一遍

5.pass by 路过 经过

6.look forward to 盼望 期待

7.excuse me 打扰了 请原谅

8.get some information about 获取有关……的一些信息

9.turn leftright 向左向右 转

10.go past 经过 路过

11.a little earlier 早一点儿

12.a good place to eat 一个吃饭的好地方

13.in different situation 在不同的情况下

14.on time 准时 按时

15.get to 到达

16.have dinner 吃晚餐

17.on one's / the right在右边

18.come on 快点 请过来

19.the shopping center 购物中心

20.the corner of……. 的角落/拐角处

21.lead into 导入,引入



①Do you know where is … ?

②Can you tell me how can I get to …?

③Could you tell me how to get to …?

④Could/Will/Would you please tell me sth. 表示十分客气地询问事情

Could you tell me how to get to the park?


2. decide to do 决定做……

She decided to go to have lunch. 她决定去吃午餐。

3. Is that a good place to hang out?


4. kind of +adj/adv. “有点、一点”

She is kind of shy. 她有点害羞。

5. prefer 动词,更喜欢、宁愿。常用的结构有:

①prefer sth. 更喜欢某事

I prefer English. 我更喜欢英语。

②prefer doing/ to do 宁愿做某事

I prefer sitting/ to sit.我宁愿坐着。

③prefer sth to sth. 同…相比更喜欢……

I prefer dogs to cats. 与猫相比我更喜欢狗。

④prefer doing to doing 宁愿做某事而不愿做某事

I prefer walking to sitting. 我宁愿走路也不愿坐着

⑤prefer to do rather than do 宁愿做某事而不愿做某事

I prefer to work rather than be free. 我宁愿工作而不愿闲着。

6. I'm sorry to do sth. 对做某事我觉得很抱歉、伤心。


Unit 4 I used to be afraid of the dark.


1.used to do 过去常常做

2.deal with 对付 应付

3.be proud of 为……骄傲 ,感到自豪

4.take pride in 为……感到自豪

5.from time to time 时常,有时

6.in public 公开地

7.in person 亲身,亲自

8.take up sth 开始做,接受,占用

9.not……anymore 不再

10.worry about 为……担忧

11.hang out 闲逛

12.think about 考虑

13.be alone 独处

14.on the soccer team 在足球队

15.no longer 不再

16.make a decision 做决 定

17.to one's surprise 令某人吃惊的是

18.even though 尽管

19.pay attention to 对……注意,留心

20.in the last few years 在过去的几年里

21.be afraid of 害怕

22.turn red 变红

23.tons of attention 很多关注

24.be careful 当心

25.give up 放弃

26.a very small number of …极少数的……

27.give a speech 作演讲

28.all the time 一直 总是

29.be interested in 对……感兴趣

30.change one's life 改变某人的生活

31.take care of 照顾

32.one of…, ……之一


1. I used to be afraid of the dark.


2.I go to sleep with my bedroom light on.


3. I used to spend a lot of time playing games with my friends.


4. I hardly ever have time for concerts.


5. My life has changed a lot in the last few years.


6. It will make you stressed out.


7. It seems that Yu Mei has changed a lot.


Unit 5 What are the shirts made of?


1.be made of 由…制成的(表示制成成品后,仍可看出原材料是什么)

2.be made from 由…制成的(在成品中已无法辨认原材料)

3.be known for 以……闻名

4.be used for 被用于……

5.no matter 不论;无论

6.be covered with 用…覆盖

7.as far as I know 据我所知

8.by hand 用手

9.be good for 对……有益

10.on the last friday of each month最后一个星期五

11.be good at 擅长

12.make high-technology products 制造高科技产品

13.the earth's surface 地球表面

14.many different kinds of 许多不同种类的

15.fly a kite 放风筝

16.such as 例如

17.according to 根据 按照

18.ask for help 请求帮助

19.a symbol of ……的象征

20.put…on… 把……放在……上

21.be used for 被用于做……

22.good luck 好运

23.at a very high heat 在高温下

24.be made in 在……制造的

25.be famous for 以……著名

26.on the sides of mountains 在山腰上

27.traffic accident 交通事故

28.a kite festival 风筝节

29.be from 来自

30.turn ……into ……把……变成……


1. What are the shirts made of?


2. It was made in Thailand.


3. No matter what you made buy,you might think those products were made in those countries.


4. The international kite festival is held in April every year.


5. Laura didn't know that kite flying could be so exciting.


Unit 6 When was it invented?


1.It's my pleasure.= My pleasure. 我的荣幸

2.seem+to+动词原形 好像做某事

3.such a great invention 如此伟大的一项发明

4.think of = think about 想到,考虑

5.in our daily lives 在我们的日常生活中

6.in my daily life在我的日常生活中

7.have a point 有道理

8.by accident 偶然地,意外地

9.over an open fire 在篝火上

10.It is said that 据说

11.It is believed that人们相信

12.fall into(过去式fell into)=drop into掉进…

13.in the 19th century 在19世纪

14.spread to other countries 传播到其他国家

15.at a low price 以很低的价格

16.bring(brought) sth. to sp.把某物带到某处

17.all of a sudden 突然地

18.less than少于,不到

more than = over 超过

19.without doubt 毫无疑问

20.at that time 在那时

21.advise sb (not) to do sth建议某人(不要)做某事

22.start doing sth 开始做某事

23.work on sth 致力于某事

24.(be) similar to 与……相似

25.the Olympics 奥运会

26.by mistake 错误地,无意地

27.make a mistake 犯错

28.divide …into…把…分成…

29.in the end = at last = finally 最后

30.at the same time 同时


1.give sth. to sb.

I gave a pen to him. 我给他一支笔。

2.give sb. sth.

I gave him a pen. 我给他一支笔。

3. make sb./sth+形容词:使…怎么样

It made me happy. 它使我高兴

4.make sb./sth+名词:让……做……

It made me laugh. 它让我发笑。

5. not…until… 直到…才…

I didn't go to bed until I finished my work.



Unit 7 Teenagers should be allowed to choose their own clothes.


1.get his driver's license 取得驾驶执照

2.no way没门,不行

3.sixteen-year-olds 十六岁的人

sixteen-year-old 十六岁的

4. be worried about=worry about 担

5. have part-time jobs 做兼职工作

6. get one's ears pierced 打耳洞

7. get / have / make sth. done 使某物被做……

8. stop doing sth 停止做某事

9. stop to do sth. 停下来去做某事

10. spend time with sb. 花时间和某人在一起

11.take photos, take a photo 照相

12.use a flash 使用闪光灯

13.all night 整夜

14.stay by my side 呆在我身边

15.make sure = be sure 确保,确定

16.keep sb. (away) from sth使某人远离某物

17. hurt oneself 伤害某人自己

18. give sb. a hug = hug sb. 拥抱某人

19.lift sb.up 举起某人

20. cough badly 剧烈地咳嗽

21. talk back 回嘴

22. an adult 一个成人

23. think back to 回想起

24. regret doing sth. 后悔做了某事

25. make one's own decision 做某人自己的觉得

26.too + adj.+ to do sth. 太…而不能做某事


28.agree with sb 同意某人的观点

29.disagree with sb. 不同意某人的观点

30.move out 搬出去


1.I don't think twelve-year-olds should be allowed to get their ears pierced.


2. They talk instead of doing homework.


3. He is allowed to stay up until 11:00 pm.


4. We should be allowed to take time to do things like that more often.


5. What school rules do you think should be changed?


6. The two pairs of jeans both look good on me.


7. The classroom is a real mess.


8. Should I be allowed to make my own decisions?


9. Only then will I have a chance of achieving my dream.


10. They should be allowed to practice their hobbies as much a s they want.


11. We have nothing against running.


Unit 8 It must belong to Caral.


1. belong to… 属于……

2. toy truck 玩具卡车

3. her favorite writer 她最喜爱的作家

4. the only little lid唯一的小孩

5. listen to pop music听流行音乐

6. hair band 发带

7. attend a concert 参加音乐会

8. in the music hall 在音乐大厅

9. something valuable 贵重的东西

10.go to a picnic=go for a picnic去野餐

11. at the picnic在野餐时

12. the rest of my friends 我其余的朋友

13. pick it up 捡起,拾起

14. each other=one another 互相,彼此

15. nothing much没什么(事)

16. something unusual不寻常的东西

17. something strange奇怪的事

18. anything else其它的东西

19. be interviewed by… 被…采访

20. strange noises 奇怪的声音

21. outside our window在我们的窗外

22. next-door neighbor隔壁邻居

23. at first 首先,起初

24. run away 逃走

25. feel uneasy 感到不安

26. have no idea=don’t know 不知道

27. go away 走开,离开

28. noise-maker 噪音的制造者

29. have fun doing sth.做某事开心

30. create fear制造恐惧


1. If you have any idea where it might be, please call me.


2. It's crucial that I study for it because it counts 30% to the final exam.


3. What do you think “anxious“ means?


4. He could be running for exercise.


5. He might be running to catch a bus.


6. Why do you think the man is running?


Unit 9 I like music that I can dance to.


1. dance to (music) 随着(音乐)跳舞

2. sing along with 随着…一起唱

3. musicians who play different kinds of music弹奏不同类型音乐的音乐家

4. electronic music 电子音乐

5. not much 没什么(事)

6. suppose sb to do sth. 猜想某人做某事

7. be supposed to do sth 应该做某事

8. suppose sb (to be) +adj. 原以为…

9. have spare time 有空闲时间

10. in one's spare time在某人的空闲时间

11. spare the time to do sth 抽时间做…

12. a film director 一名电影导演

13. think too much 想太多

14. in that case 既然那样

15. World War II 第二次世界大战

16. smooth music 悦耳的音乐

17. prefer A to B 比起B来更喜欢A

18. prefer doing A to doing B

19. prefer to do sth. rather than do sth.

20. feel like doing sth 想要做某事

21. stick to 坚持,固守

22. be down 悲哀,沮丧

23. cheer sb up 使… 高兴/ 振奋

24. have a happy ending 有个美满的结局

25. try one's best to do sth. 尽某人最大努力做…

26. less serious 不那么严重

27. a good way to do sth 做某事的好办法

28. make me feel even sadder 让我感觉更伤心

29. provide plenty of information about a certain subject提供了大量的关于某个主题的信息

30. shut off my brain 关闭我的大脑


1. I love singers who write their own music.


2. We prefer music that has great lyrics.


3. What do you dislike about this CD.


4. What does it remind you of?


5. The music reminds me of Brazilian dance music.


6. It does have a few good features, though.


7. She really has something for everyone.


8. Whatever you do, don't miss this exhibition.


9. As the name suggests, the band has a lot of energy.

正如乐队名字所暗示的那样, 这支乐队很有活力。

10. Some people say they are boring, but others say they are great.


11.I f I were you, I'd eat nuts instead.



Unit 10 You are supposed to shake hands.


1. be supposed to do sth 应该做…

2. be expected to do sth. 应该/被期望做…

3. shake hands (with…) (和…) 握手

4. bow to sb. 向某人鞠躬

5. for the first time 首次,第一次

6. people in Korea 韩国的人们

7. greet sb.( in) the wrong way 以错误的方式问候某人

8. be invited to sw. 被邀请去……

9. be invited to do sth. 被邀请做…

10.welcome party 欢迎会

11. as soon as 一… 就……(引导时间状从)

12. as soon as sb can 尽可能快的……

13.hold out (my hands) 伸出(我的手)

14. on both sides of my face在我的两个脸颊上

15. be from= come from 来自

16. be relaxed about 对…放松/随意

17. a bit/ little late 晚一点

18. value the time we spend with sb珍惜我们与某人度过的时间

19.in our everyday lives 在我们的日常生活中

20. drop by 顺便拜访,随便进入

21. make plans ( to do sth.) 计划做某事

22. plan to do sth.计划做某事

23. on the side of the face在脸的一侧

24. the town center 在城镇中心

25. as many as sb can = as many as possible 尽可能多的…

26. be on time 守时

27. the capital of clocks and watches钟表之都

28. after all 毕竟,终归

29. at noon 在中午

30. 15 minutes late 迟到15分钟


1. He should have told me about it.


2. Where I'm from, we're pretty relaxed about time.


3. We often just drop by our friends' homes.


4. Often we just walk around the town center, seeing as many of our friends as we can.


5.We usually make plans to see friends.


6. We're the land of watches, after all.


7.It's even better than I thought it would be.


8.They go out of their way to make me feel at home.


9.Although I still make lots of mistakes, it doesn't bother me like it used to.


10. I thought that was pretty strange at first, but now I'm used to it.


11. I have to say, I find it difficult to remember everything, but I'm gradually getting used to things, and don't find them so strange any more.







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