rain 下雨



A small boy and his father were having a walk in the country when it suddenly began to rain very hard. They did not have their umbrella with them, and there was nowhere to hide from the rain, so they were soon very wet, and the small boy did not feel very happy. For a long time while they were walking home through the rain, the boy was thinking. Then at last he turned to his father and said to him,“Why does it rain, Father? It isn‘t very nice, is it?” “No, it isn‘t very nice, but it‘s very useful,Tom,”answered his father.“It rains to make the fruit and the vegetables grow for us, and to make the grass grow for the cows and sheep.” Tom thought about this for a few seconds, and then he said,“Then,why does it rain on the road too, Father?”





一个小男孩和他的父亲正在乡间行走,突然下起了大雨。 他们没带伞,加上四下无处可以躲雨,所以很快他们浑身上下被淋湿了,小男孩感到很不好受。 他们在雨中朝家走去,有好一会儿,那个男孩一直在思索着什么。后来终于他朝父亲转过脸去,问他说:“爸爸,为什么天会下雨呢?下雨可不太好,是吧?” “是呀,下雨是不太好,可是下雨也有很多有益的地方,汤姆。”父亲回答说。“老天爷下雨促使了为我们所食用的水果和蔬菜的生长,同样也促使牛羊所吃的青草的生长。” 汤姆对父亲的这番话想了一会,然后说:“那么,父亲,老天爷为什么还要把雨下在路上呢?”


2.Santas True Profession


Do You Know Santa‘s True Profession?
Consider the following:
1. You never actually see Santa, only his “assistants.”
2. Santa keeps his job until he decides to retire.
3. Santa doesn‘t really do the work; he directs a bunch of helpers to do all his work for him, but he‘s the one who everybody credits with the work.
4. Santa doesn‘t work a 40-hour week.
5. Santa travels a lot.
Santa is obviously a senior faculty member with tenure!






1. 你其实从来没见过圣诞老人,你看见的都是他得助手(他得助手真的好多,除了过圣诞节的所有父母外,还有职业“圣诞老人”)
2. 圣诞老人不想退休,就可以一直当他的圣诞老人。
3. 圣诞老人不会做实事,他都是指挥一堆帮手帮他做完所有的事情,但是事情做得好还是不好,功绩和责任都算圣诞老人的。
4. 圣诞老人实行的可不是朝九晚五双休制。
5. 圣诞老人经常旅行
圣诞老人显然是一个高级职员(please, 这世界上还有比他的工作更好的工作吗?)


3.An Axe to Grind


A boy begs his father to get him a Christmas tree this year.
Each year, the boy asks and the father tells him, “I don‘t want to pay for it.”
But the son kept begging. Unable to bear his son‘s whining, he picks up his axe one day and heads out of the house.

Thirty minutes later he returns with a great big Christmas tree. “How did you cut it down so fast?” his son asks.
“I didn‘t cut it down,” the father replies.
“I got it at a tree lot.”
“Then why did you bring an axe?”
“Because I didn‘t want to pay.”






4.I wasn‘t dead


A young man fell into a state of coma, but recovered before his friends had buried him. One of them asked what it felt like to be dead.

“Dead!” he exclaimed. “I wasn‘t dead. And I knew I wasn‘t, because my feet were cold and I was hungry.”

“But how did that make you sure?”

“Well, I knew that if I were in heaven I shouldn‘t be hungry, and if I was in the other place my feet wouldn‘t be cold.”










 5.The right leg

The Right LegProctor(exceedingly angry):“So you confess that this unfortunate freshman was carried to this frog pond and drenched?Now what part did you take in this disgraceful affair?” Soph.(meekly):“The right leg,sir.”










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