How do I get the gum out? 怎么把口香糖取出来呢

1.How do I get the gum out?


 Distributing chewing gum to the passengers, the stewardess explained it was to keep their ears from popping. When the plane landed, one of the passengers rushed up to her and said, I‘m meeting my wife right away. How do I get the gum out from my ears?



当空中小姐给乘客们发口香糖的时候,她解释说口香糖有助于他们防止耳鸣。飞机着陆后,一位乘客跑到这位空中小姐面前,说道:“ 我马上就要见



2.make my granny glad

A Sunday school teacher was telling her pupils the importance of making others glad. “Now, children,” said she , “has anyone of you ever make someone else glad?”
“Please, teacher,”said a small boy,”I‘ve make someone glad yesterday.”
“Well done. Who was that?”
“My granny.”
“Good boy. Now tell us how you made your grandmother glad.”
“Please, teacher, I went to see her yesterday, and stayed with her three hours. Then I said to her, ‘Granny, I‘m going home,‘ and she said, ‘Well, I‘m glad‘!”



一个主日学校校(基督教教会为了向儿童灌输宗教思想, 在星期天开办的儿童班)的老师在对学生讲使别人高兴的重要性。“现在,孩子们,”她说:“你们当中有谁让别人高兴过?”


3.A Blind Beggar


There was a blind beggar wearing sunglasses and asking for money. A drunk man walked by, thinking the beggar was pitiful, threw him a hundred dollars.After walking a few steps, the drunkard turned around to see the blind man holding the money up to the sunlight to check if it was genuine. The drunk man, feeling cheated, ran back and snatched the money back, “You’re gonna die! How dare you cheat me…”The blind man, not wanting to feel like a cheater, retorted, “Hey man, I’m sorry, I’m just here to replace my friend who really is blind. He went to the bathroom, and should be right back… Actually… I’m mute.”“Oh, oh, in that case…” whereupon the drunk threw the money back and stumbled away.



在路边一个盲人乞丐戴着墨镜在街上行乞。一个醉汉走过来,觉得他可怜,就扔了一百元给他。走了一段路,醉汉一回头,恰好看见那个盲人正对着太阳分辨那张百元大抄的真假。醉汉过来一把夺回钱道:“你不想活了,竟敢骗老子!” 盲人乞丐一脸委屈说:“大哥,真对不起啊,我是替一个朋友在这看一下,他是个瞎子,去上厕所了,其实我是个哑巴。”“哦,是这样子啊!”于是醉汉扔下钱, 又摇摇晃晃地走了……



4. The ability of the Kangaroo

The zoo built a special eight-foot-high enclosure for its newly acquired kangaroo, but the next morning the animal was found hopping around outside. The height of the fence was increased to 15 feet, but the kangaroo got out again. Exasperated, the zoo director had the height increased to 30 feet, but the kangaroo still escaped. A giraffe asked the kangaroo, “How high do you think they‘ll build the fence?” “I don‘t know, ” said the kangaroo. “Maybe a thousand feet if they keep leaving the gate unlocked.



动物园为刚引进的袋鼠建了一个特殊的八英尺高的围墙。但是第二天早上,人们发现这动物在围墙外面蹦跳着。于是围墙高度增加到十五英尺,但袋鼠还是跑了出来。动物园经理甚感恼火,又叫人把围墙高度加到三十英尺,但袋鼠还是逃了出来。一个长颈鹿问袋鼠:“你认为他们会把围墙建到多高?” “我不知道,”袋鼠说,“如果他们继续开着大门,可能要修到一千英尺吧。”




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