Through the golden wedding, love is still走过金婚,浓情依旧

Theauther: “We met in my hometown in Georgia. I had this car, a ‘56 Ford. And I was kinda wild at that time too. I used to come to her house and it was like a sandy row and I used to just swing around in her yard. Just make circles out in her yard. And she‘d come out and sometimes get in the car and we‘d talk. “Sometimes we think we love when we don‘t love. A lot of people say they are in love but really we were young and we really didn‘t know what love was all about. But afterward we found out what love was! Love is sharing with one another. Don‘t care what you have you share what you have. And be willing to give. Another thing I tell people now is that you have to be able to bend a little bit. Yes, love is a powerful thing. If you know what it means.”



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