it‘s hard to say happy or not to be a single

 It‘s hard to say happy or not to be a single


  If you are single, are you afraid of the lonely long night?


  If you are single, are you afraid of your future?

  If you are single, do you care about other people’s happiness?

  If you are single, are you happy?

    Many unmarried people would like to say “I am happy”, considering the single will be free, easy, carefree, and there is no need to worry about the family. The whole family will not be hungry when one is stuffed. You don’t have to care about other people, you can do what ever in your own way, and nothing matters too much。


  However, many guys will say they are unhappy, like a lonely puppet with infinite boredom and emptiness. When you go travelling far way, you watch the beautiful sunset varnishing the sky, you have breakfast alone, fall asleep alone and watch the TV dramas alone without knowing what it is about。

    Everything has its double sides. It‘s hard to say happy or not to be a single. It all depends on what situation you are in。

  Well, when you want to do something for yourself, you don‘t have to think about your family if you are a single. That‘s very joyful. And you just feel free to do whatever you want, there might have no restrictions in your single life. That is happy。

  But, have you ever thought about when you are in trouble, who is going to help you? When you are sick, who is going to look after you?

  You might say ” I have got frends!” Yes, your friends maybe can help but have you ever thought about their own life?

  And, life is not only for obtaining but also giving. How do you feel if you could help your beloved, if you could make them happy? That would be very cheerful to see our beloved smiling。

  So, it‘s hard to say happy or not to be a single。








  但也有些单身的人们会说自己不快乐, 认为自己就像是孤单的木偶, 伴着寂寞,心中是无比的失落与空荡. 独自去远方徘徊畅游,一个人坐看晚霞映红西山,一个人吃着早餐,一个人独自睡去,一个人看着电视剧说着不知所云的话。








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