A letter to Jack给杰克的信(泰坦尼克号)

Dear Jack,
   Are you OK?Are you still handsome as before?Are you alive?Do you remember me?Can you come back to have a  look at me?I miss you.

   I know you will never be back.As the ship sank and eventually disappeared,as you frost because of the cold sea water,as you could not let out any sound.I realized I would not have an opportunity to spend my rest of life with you forever.I have lost you.

   Over the years,I have been missing you day and night.I cannot help thinking of the time I spended with you.

   Once you said:‘I am king of the world!’.Now I want to say:‘ You are king of my heart!’Staring at the rough sea that ever ate up you,I burst into anger,but I calm down quickly when your face comes into my mind.I know you are kind and warm-hearted.

   I miss the time on board.you taught me how to dance and how to possess freedom.Thanks to you,I experienced the happiest days in my life;Thanks to you,I knew the meaning of happiness.All because of you.

   If things did not get worse,maybe we can be with forever.I will never forget every minute I spent with you and keep it in my mind deeply.I hope you know there is a girl named Rose missing you.I hope you know there is a girl named Rose regarding you as the most important person in her life.
   Jack,can you come back  , a short time though you will stay,it doesn't matter.
                 Hope Sincerely











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