just a little care 仅存的一点关心

Just a little care,between you and me.仅有的一点关心,在你我之间。

you are a scar in my heart, i always want to touch,but paining. 你是我心上的伤,我常想去触碰,但是疼。

It‘s so far away from a heart to the other.  一颗心到另一颗的距离是如此的遥远

I told myself: Don‘t feel sad, it will go away.  Don‘t think about things that you shouldn‘t have to.  As long as you are happy, everything will be ok. 我告诉自己,不要难过,会过去的。不要再想那些不属于你的东西。只要你开心,一切都会好的。

I have my owen love after all.毕竟我有属于自己的爱。

i want to close my eye,close my heart.lose diary ,lose memory,i am on my way to future without you.although a little lonely, a little sore,a bit at a loss. 我要闭上我的眼睛,关上我的心,扔掉日记,丢掉回忆,在没有你的道路上,尽管有点孤独,有点痛,有点不知所措。

I was messed up for along time.我已经迷失了很久。

reaching out for something that will never make me happy.追求着一些使我不开心的事

incredibly i am throwing away happiness with both hands.差点我将幸福拱手相让。

I don‘t know if you kowns me but i wish you know.i wish.我不知道你是否懂我,但是我希望你明白,我希望。

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