A story of wood cutter 樵夫的故事

  A story

  Once upon a time in an old forest, there was a poor wood cutter cutting wood by the lake. One day, his axe accidently fell into the lake. The poor wood cutter didn’t know how to swim, so he could do nothing but sat by the lake and prayed to the lake godess.

  The lake godess heard his prayer and appeared before him.

  “What’s wrong, my good man?” she asked.

  “ Help me!” Said the wood cutter, “ I’m very poor, and I lost my only axe.If I don’t get my axe back, my family will starve to death, please help me!” He cried.

  Then the godess glanced at the wood cutter., “Very well,” she answered, “ You should have your axe back. ”

  After a while, the godess brought out an axe made of gold from the lake.

  “Is this your axe, my good man? ”Asked the godess.

  “No, ”Said the wood cutter, “That is not my axe.”

  Then the godess brought out a silver axe, the wood cutter said that wasn’t his axe again.

  The third time, she brought out the wood cutter’s axe. The wood cutter was very happy and said, “This is my axe, thank you very much”

   the end of the story, the godess was very pleased with the wood cutter’s honesty. He didn’t tell a lie, so that he can get the gold or the silver axe, he just wanted what he deserve. So she desided to give both the gold and silver axe to him. The wood cutter sold the axes, and became a kind rich man.

  The moral of this story is, honesty is the best policy.

















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