The wolf and the lamb 狼与小羊


   Once upon a time a wolf was lapping at a stream. When he looked up, he saw a lamb drinking a little lower down. 
  ”There’s my supper,” he thought. “I will find some excuse to catch it.” Then he called out to the lamb, “How dare you muddle the water?” “No, master,” said the lamb. “I cannot muddle your water because it runs down from you to me.”
  ”Well, then,” said the wolf. “Why did you call me bad names this time last year?” “It was impossible,” said the lamb. “I am only six months old.”
  ”I don’t care,” shouted the wolf. “If it was not you, it must be your father.” After that he rushed at the poor little lamb and ate it up.


  寓意: 当一个坏人想为自己所做的坏事寻找借口时,他不会在乎这个借口是否恰当。


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