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  Feel like taking a swing at tennis yourself? The first step is understanding the game‘s unique language, much of which is explained by tennis‘French origins.“Love,”for example, representing a score of zero, may have come from l‘oeuf, which is French for“egg.”“Deuce,”similar to the French word for“two,”refers to a situation in which two points in a row are required to win the game. The word“tennis”itself comes from the French tenez, which means,“Here, catch!”

  Getting started with tennis is easy, as long as you have a total of two or four players and a court to play on. Many cities have public tennis courts, so you don‘t have to be an aristocrat to afford the game. You will, however, have to shell out for rackets and balls. Of the aristocratic points of etiquette that live on in tennis, an important one is that each player should bring a new can of balls to a game.






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