Love is treasures of our life爱情是生活中的珍宝

Life becomes hell without love and affection. Love is one of the hidden treasures of our life.

We are fortunate enough to live in a lovely world. Many of us would die without love and affection of other peoples. There is no thing in this world is stable except the love. The best thing is anyone can have love and affection of other peoples as long as he loves other people. Love and affection is not only available with human beings it is also available in animals. Love and affection only makes this world a meaningful place to live. Assume a situation where no people show affection and love towards others. In such situation all of our life will become a hell. This can be better understood by the following example.

Assume that one guy is working as a manager in top level company. There are 50 peoples working under his charge. In a working day he goes to his job. Imagine a situation where all the 50 peoples working under his charge does not show any respect or friendliness towards him. In such a pathetic situation how a person can work to his potential. Imagine the same person is having a family with his wife and 3 children. And they also do not show any love and affection towards him. What will happen? Definitely he will become mad or die due to lack of love and affection.

The above story clearly explains the power of love and affection. Love is one of the hidden treasures of our life. Many people lose their love in search of money and wealth. Love and affection are the only fuel for our longer and healthy life. So treat every people your meet in your life as a good friend and show love and affection to them. In return you will also get love and affection from others.









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