Thank you for leaving me 谢谢你离开我

All of the heart-break broke up won’t be harder than the final good-bye in the life. When that day comes to you, the broke up that you have been through just was a piece of cake. Sometimes our lover leaving us only will make our life better.


How many times should we have to go through the separate so that we could get used to the people get into our life then go away, and understand that there is no forever in our life? It is far better take things as they come along with patience and equanimity.

Every separate with love or hate is a painful split. If you couldn’t smile to say goodbye, then could you silently turn around, close your eyes, hold on your tears and leave. No one force you to fall in love with him. Sooner or later, you will smile face to your painful. You will thank the guy who had leaved you, because he doesn’t deserve your love, your fineness, your infatuation. He is just not the one for you.

In our lifetime, it will be great if we could be together with our lover, if not, maybe you don’t fit to each other.Sometimes the one you loved just a passers-by in your life, he show up in your life to make you learn to cherish and pay, to make you know what you really what in your life.


Every no ending relationship is an experience and toughening for you. At the moment of break up, your heart broke into pieces, you cry a river, but all you left to do is get up, dry your tears and move on. There is one or a few you love with your life, only just because he leave you first, he sad he doesn’t love you anymore, but you have no chance to say the same word to him. In this case, you leave it along, it’s fine.

When you getting older, I mean really old, maybe you will remember the one who had leaved you, you will remember the fuzzy face in your mind, you will thank him for leaving, and it’s he who make room for your happiness.(英语散文 )








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