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team buying/group buying


  With limited pocket money in hand, many Chinese college students are increasingly opting to live life “low cost.”

  One way to do that, it seems, is team-buying. Online team-buying offers huge discounts and, not surprisingly, is gaining wide popularity on campus。

  Li Jing, a student at the Beijing-based China Youth University for Political Sciences, for example, says she often buys movie tickets on team-buying websites。


  But while they offer a good opportunity to save money, Li said she would “think twice before buying them from online stores” because many of them were “a bit chaotic,” and had fake goods mixed among them。


  So why don‘t the students just earn more pocket money by taking up part-time jobs? Guo Jingna, a teacher at the Communication University of China, said most Chinese college students were unlikely to choose work-study programs to earn pocket money because of their intensive study schedules。

Forever discounts


  A kind of coupon card called “VELO” has become another ideal choice for many money savers. It provides all-round discounts while dining out or shopping in general。

  Cao Zuyang, a student at the University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, often searches for sales online and buys things together with friends to cut down on delivery costs. Cao once wanted to buy an electro-magnetic oven, which was on sale at a shopping website. He then asked five dormitory roommates to pitch in for the oven. Each student only paid 25 yuan。

  Low-cost travel

  Again, most students find it difficult to cope with the expense of accommodation while traveling. So frequently, they will choose to travel to cities where they have classmates and friends and live in their (friend‘s) dorms。

  For instance, Ge Rui, a student at the Hebei University of Technology, has been to many cities where he has friends。

  ”Friends can act as free guides, offer me free accommodation and give me valuable tour information, which saves money, time and energy,” he said。

  Ge said he could “buy fewer beverages and clothes” while traveling, and “broaden my mind” at the same time。

  He said he, too, had friends from other cities coming over and living with him when they visited his city。









  虽然团购网站能提供省钱的机会,但李晶也表示自己在网购前会做到“三思而后行”,因为购物网站良莠不齐, “有点混乱”,企图鱼目混珠,以次充好。









  葛睿说,如此旅游可以在“少买饮料和衣服” 的同时,又“增长了见识”。



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