Leaf in a boat

      Zhang ailing said: “sometimes I think, I‘m an island”, bing xin said: “my heart, in a boat like, through the ups and downs of the sea of time. The heart is cold, tears is hot, the heart – buckled world, tears – soft world. I had been born without Eileen chang‘s underfoot, but like, I was like a boat bing xin. Zhang ailing have their own island, bingxin is her contribution of comfort, and I? Nothing, but “has all the”!
      I was born in solitary sea of a baby in a boat, and a boat is my boat misery loves company, my boat and don‘t know is that, first come from, to where to go. The ocean is in the life boat isolated nm floating in your heart, I can‘t find the balance. When I go to the cloud from a, really think the universe have been too lonely!
      Enter university, although is very general hall of university, but also good it also called university!! I think really into the “heaven”, entered high school teacher of so-called “free space”, in my dream the ivory tower. Is really “character,” a true colors looming, which are not dream of university and the reality of university mandelbrot, from what it is! Though like fairy tale, but in peak deduce from the lowest most bitter earth. When I look at university, regret a bit too much, that my observation was seriously injured. Fortunately, the internal force deep restoration fairly quickly, otherwise might have weakened injury due to ill! But when I saw his own admission notice, I have a highly responsible, whom I have the idea of ill. Because I feel ill and not totally no good. Birth and death, is life‘s two big fear, but ill at least from one, or misfortune zai?
       However, want to be thinking, one cannot too selfish and not for family and friends, especially interested in disregard family! Life goes on, the day after must continue again sorry! 814 take it as it comes, I began my very reluctant political study life. Maybe someone like me, don‘t like political professional books, especially marxism and so on the book. So, I‘d spend some time reading other books. The first time the chance, I read this poem:
               How to let you meet me
               In my most beautiful
               In this
               I have been in the Buddha before
              Ask for five hundred years
              Beg it lets us “period of ChenYuan
        When I read this poem, I thought of a song — QiuFo, can‘t help heart throbbing. That year, two of the first yao in the classroom, the teacher is conscientious, outside the window to lectures from celestial voice – QiuFo. And now, back again, time flies, like a swing, is like running water. Look at the person beside, the past 500 times, only for this life feels a rub shoulders. How lucky, we do not at its best meet…
         Suddenly look back, sixteen-year-old flowering, I carry bag, freely. Seventeen rains, I a person walked with the sky. Eighteen sky, I float as well as the university entrance exam read more on the sink. Nineteen days, I have a man wear shuttle in building green garden campus, through the so-called “feeling humane” (the runway) on the playground. Swim across the school “lover lake”. Often and bedroom people go shopping, also did not consider to not affect those couples! See the flowing clouds lovers, I and bedroom people just Q once again: “would rather the haughty single, also do not humble of be in love”. This is a person‘s principle. Looking at nearby of many students, talked and points, points and talked, I like to practice love and love. This reminds one of ancient history, the world FenJiuBiGe, the whole long will points. I don‘t deserve this also dare not to make a comment, because everyone has their own ideas. Perhaps, even someone will say, “I can‘t eat grape to say grape sour, however, doesn‘t matter…
       Of course, not the vegetation is heartless. Now that is not Buddha, cannot be mental. Even if the fairy also have seven feelings six desires, besides we are people not otherworldly god! Not for feeling trapped, but unavoidably will feel lonely because class less empty, because the university will seldom have a true friends listen to what you those so-called worries. Hence, solitude arises spontaneously. Loneliness is the weight – alone, the desert HuangYan is tall, beauty alone is, Bridges, too. I always thought, the library can see me come and go, badminton court have I skipped, faint the lake I presence, jinding mountain, phoenix, the reds mountain is I‘ve been to footprint, I can be happy. I always thought I myself how flourishing, always think with pressing against the lonely, always think time can forget the past, when loneliness invaded the city, finally discovered that this is the kind of perennial chills of cold. Maybe the so-called life is as the sea and went into the earth‘s moon and boring, loneliness.
        Life is scarred, lonely longitudinal extremely. But, some things, met, have no choice. We have to continue to life, and life is like the pendulum is same, always repeatedly walked in silence the condensations of extreme: not, is not quarrel ablaze. We feel lonely, but we are living very tired tired, was very confused. Maybe, in the human heart, everyone is an orphan, need love moist, need someone to care, greetings. Instead of holding the book, met to say hello, deal with it. We need to care about each other, and learn from each other. Face the teacher‘s question: a year and a half, have you ever thought of your exactly learned? We each students in common, is mind is double screen, flowing in knots. We don‘t know how answer, perhaps, we ourselves also don‘t know, what are we learned anything, our college life, whether to have meaningful.
        The classmates, one‘s life isn‘t necessarily wife or husband, but absolutely impossible without friends, even on the desert island, the unavoidable also need a Robinson “Friday”. Whether the initiative, or passive, has certain significance. To be loved, it is a kind of honor, but not necessarily a happy occasion. To press your doorbell can many, everyone makes you “bonus”? One idea, you know, I know.
        So far, is already late into the night, is the time to end. Outside the window, midnight rain, dribs and drabs, eclogue eclogue, empty, advanced drops to Ming…

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