The brilliant teachers 师爱的光辉

 Teachers are the most brilliant career and also the most extraordinary career.

Tanghong this year over 20 years old, is a beautiful young dance teacher. The earthquake, she is welcome to the students rehearsing “June 1” Children‘s Day of the dance. Found dangerous situation, she pushed the students a corner, they hold in their arms, fell to the collapse of the buildings on her…… her body was found, she Fushen趴the wall in the corner. Her arms, three girls survived.

The ruins, her broken body into Liangjie, facial Xueroumohu. Her hands still firmly Yongzhe two students! Bai how people can not Baikai her hands tightly Louzhu students! When the earthquake happened, she was evacuated students leave the classroom. Shouzuwucuo see there are two students, she ran the last step, a first-hand Louzhu, outside-in. Teaching building suddenly collapsed, she and several students buried in the rubble. The teacher called to Qian, graduated from university last year, to Shifang-Habitat When English teachers in primary schools. Qian to the father of allegiance to the sea is Shifang Nanquan, deputy principals in primary schools, he Beitongyujue: “I can understand that, as teachers, should be so! Should do!”




废墟中,她的身体断成两截,脸部血肉模糊。她的双手仍紧紧拥着两个学生!人们怎么掰,也无法掰开她紧紧搂住学生的双手!地震发生时,她正在疏散学生离 开教室。看到有两个学生手足无措,她大步跑过去,一手搂住一个,朝门外冲。教学楼突然垮塌,她和几名学生被埋在废墟中。这位老师叫向倩,去年大学毕业,到 什邡龙居小学当英语老师。向倩的父亲向忠海是什邡南泉小学副校长,他悲痛欲绝:“我可以理解,作为教师,应该这样!应该这样!”

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