Jack and beanstalk 杰克与豆茎

There lived a poor woman who had been a widow for some years, and had an only child name Jack. Jack was a careless and extravagant boy. One day the poor woman found that they did not have enough money to buy even a bit of bread for another day. Nothing now remained to sell but a cow. So she told Jack to sell the cow in the market. But Jack exchanged the cow for a few beans. When his mother saw the beans, she got so angry that she threw them out of the window. Jack awoke early next morning, and discovered that some of the beans had taken root and grown up into the clouds. Jack climbed up the beanstalk and found himself in a strange country. A fairy directed him to the house of a giant who had killed his father. Jack stole from the giant a hen that laid golden eggs, two bags of gold and silver coins, and a beautiful harp that could play of its own accord, without being touched. But he was finally discovered by the giant, who ran after him down the beanstalk. The moment Jack got down the beanstalk he cut the beanstalk with an axe, and the giant fell and was killed. (英语故事带翻译www.lyy5.com )





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