Let the Surprise Speak Your Love 让惊喜传达你的爱

In China, people are not used to saying out the word “love”, they don’t express their emotion strongly, it is Chinese tradition, people believe that deep love should be proved in action instead of speaking out, while I’d prefer to express our emotion by making surprise, because it impresses people.

There is a famous song “hard to speak out love”, many people have such experience, they want to let people know how much they love them, but it is so hard for them to express their love. Sometimes people can change their ways to show their love, they can give surprise, it is much better than the words, at the same time, surprise also solves the problem of speaking love words face to face.

Surprise is a good way to show love, girls are especially like it. Surprise can bring about some positive effect, such as it promotes people’s communication, strengths their connection. Surprise is so romantic, if you are begging for forgiveness, it always works, because no girl can resist its charm.(英语美文 www.lyy5.com)

If we love someone, we should let them know our love, sometimes words are hard to say, but we can make surprise.








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