Say No to the Age 向年龄说“不”

As the new year close, it is a big new for Chinese tennis fans that Li Na comes to the final of Australian Open! It is the third time she has done this, what a honorable thing. Li Na is more than 30, it is old age for a player, but she makes her legend. Some people frustrates their older age, they think it is age that stops them from succeeding. I would say age is the excuse.

When people are young, they think it is the good time for them to achieve their dreams, they are so fearless to do what they want. People don’t be afraid of failing, because they are so young, so they can have chances to restart. With the older age, people feel they must be stable, they can’t be lose, because old age means hard to restart. So the age is related with success, the younger, the easy to succeed. That’s ridiculous, age is not the factor that stops people from succeeding, only their mind does. We can succeed if we keep on, no matter how old we are.

We have seen many examples of old people to get succeed, don’t let the age be your excuse. We can make it.(英语美文欣赏






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