Just want to take a day off 想请一天假

Just want to take a day off

A big challenge of running a small business is dealing with employees‘ requests for time off. One morning an employee said, “I need to leave early tomorrow.” Later that same day, he followed up with, “Looks like I‘ll be coming in late tomorrow, but if my coming in late runs into my leaving early, then I won‘t be in at all.”





经营一家小公司的一个大挑战是对付员工的请假。 一天早上,一个员工说,“我明天得早点走”。同一天的晚些时候,他又接着补充说,“看来,我明天得晚点来。如果我迟到和早退的时间凑在了一起,那就是说我压根不会来了”。


Good place for smoking

Some people have a knack for remembering faces. Others, according to this e-mail I received at work, go them one better: “The only designated smoking area at Building One is at the picnic benches, under the covered area, where the butt distinguishers are.”




有些人在记住别人的脸孔方面很有一手。 其他人,根据在上班时收到一封电邮,是有过之而无不及,电邮上写道:“一号楼唯一指定的吸烟区是在烧烤长凳那里,就在遮盖区的下面,烟头感应器就在那里”


Work closer to home


My friend‘s hour-and-a-half commute to work got old quickly—the time spent stuck in traffic was sending him over the edge. So I was happy for him when he found a new job closer to home.

  ”That‘s great,” I said. “What are you doing now?”

  ”I‘m a bus driver.”




 我的一个朋友上下班得花一个半小时,他很快就受不了了—-堵车耗费的时间几乎让他崩溃。 所以,当他找到一份离家近点的新工作时,我为他感到高兴。




Free entertainment

As a rookie in the Atlantic City, N.J., Police department, I was assigned a beat on the boardwalk. Hardly a day went by when I didn‘t come upon a child who had become separated from his parents.

  One afternoon, I spotted a small boy standing alone, obviously lost. I tried to gain his confidence – I took him to the nearest ice-cream stand and bought him a cone. Time passed with no sign of the boy‘s parents, so the next step was to call for a patrol car to take him to headquarters. I told the small fry to stay put while I went to the call box. When I returned, he was nowhere in sight.

  Within minutes, the car arrived, and one of the patrolmen asked me where the child was. I felt stupid; it‘s humiliating to say you‘ve lost a lost child. But I told the officers what had happened and gave a description of the boy. “What did you treat him?” asked one of the men. “An ice-cream cone. Why?” “Because,” answered the officer, “that kid lives only a few blocks from here, and you‘ve about the fifth rookie he‘s conned for a treat!”








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