once you and me 曾经你和我

 once you and me came across,you were pleased with it.I felt nothing because you were not outstanding.

 once you and me had a word with each other,you were outgoing and told me a great deal of things.I felt nothing because you were not outspoken.

 once you and me played jokes on each other,you were lovely and called me stupid pig.I felt nothing because you were not correct.

 once you and me had a promise,you were forgettable and regarded it as a casual word.I felt nothing because you were not honest.

 once you and me argue with each other,you were angry and did not want to talk with me.I felt nothing because you were not unique.

 once you really catched my eyes,you were excellent and hard-working.I did not want to feel nothing anymore.I believe in you and what you ever said.

 once you leaved me for something I did not know,you were selfish and crazy.I felt nothing again because you have hurt me.The pain you sent me is like a teacher.It demanded me to grow stronger and more independent.It focused me to change a lot.It expected me to be more excellent.Thanks for it,I really learned much.

 once you came back for something I did not know,you were different from before.Even thoughtI did not want to remind you,but you were so attractive that I failed.I can not give in to my heart.I know if too greedy for something,I will lose it.so I pretended to keep a distance with you but it is too painful.Maybe to be a cold-blooded girl is not a bad choice.

 Things goes constantly.What will happen in the future can not be foresaw.I will try my best to approach my dream.Just to catch you.











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