Monster University classic lines 怪兽大学经典台词

  Really want to hold the know-it-all to mop the floor.

  you are not scary at all, but you are fearless.

  I want to be scared commissioner.


  You‘‘ve been jealous of my good looks since the fourth.

  “welcome toscare an introductory course on” “scary without learning, it is good to emboldened to frighten!”

  if you don‘‘t scary, that kind of monster?

  how long is my specialty is a toe,but didn‘‘t bring in the body.


  The monster university station! Have to get off?

  I are looking forward to this day, in my life I finally to become frightened commissioner.

  The snail: oh,I‘‘m not the first day of school is late (running hard, stands motionless).

  my face and hands as big.

  from the heart, you can be various.

  Since ancient times,  children all over the world know, monsters hiding in their cupboard. But they don‘‘t know is that thesemonsters are not always so scary.

  I can‘‘t go to school, the clothes haven‘‘t wear well, they have to go to college.

  Ha ha, very funny, you look great, Sullivan large seed, if you want to trick is to some creative.

  I love the university.

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