Beautiful Roses美丽的玫瑰


Beautiful roses  美丽的玫瑰  

When did you  你什么时候  

Fly into the night    飞入了漆黑的夜空  

And I can but look up    让我只能仰望

Snowflake which is all over the sky 漫天飞舞的雪花  

When did you  你什么时候  

Cover up my thoraces  没到了我的胸膛  

So I can but guffaw and singing  让我只能狂笑并歌唱  


You beam by yourself  你顾自闪亮  

Never give me reecho  却从不给我回响  

I deeply knew that it’s not your wish  我深深知道这非你所愿  

Like tide ups and downs, east and flows  就像潮汐沉浮落涨  


I can’t stop singing  我亦不能停止歌唱  

And get in insomnia all nights  且彻夜难眠  

I deeply knew that it’s not my wish  我深知这非我所愿  

But always see the bow splayed in dreams  却总梦见那惊弓弦张

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