Collection of love 珍藏的爱

Looking at sleeping daughter, I was very down-to-earth pleased about this. The well-being of a warm heating flowing in the body to eliminate the day‘s exertion. At this point I can sit down and enjoy some sense of quiet, and has been for many years without such a lonely night, now only occasionally found in the enjoyment of solitude is a! The yard of the delicate fragrance of jasmine floating light, watching white flower after another that was full of endless reverie.

Married life has been mediocre since the light, sir busy day from work to go to work, in order to take care of the crystallization of our love, I gave up their jobs and became full-time housewives. Sometimes a bit tired of this boring life, her daughter is very naughty, let me do anything, she looked at the. Family life is not a single time when the romantic and warm, had a really left his own, perhaps this is real life!

Mr. occasionally and I also argue for a number of things, or to his daughter and the dispute over the teaching, but after 10 minutes we can not and a good unabated. Because all these years we learn how to get along with and understanding, perhaps we have been progress, but also let me have the courage of those ignorant of everything from a little girl grow into a mature woman.

People always remember that marriage is the tomb of love! Do not understand at the time, began to understand now. Indeed, the married life will be to play down the friction in the period love love, more should be said to live in love as gone. I feel that little bit of married life the mid-point of each other will drop into my feelings. Over time, no love, there is another way to deeper feelings of affection that is.

I love the President of the outcome on the case now, each of us the other half has become a part of life. We are dependent  the new home for our efforts.

Insipid now looking at life, I always hope that when the President so as romantic love, then warm. Every time I go to his business trip to the capital of poetry, he made a number of text messages, hoping to use text messages as in the past to convey love and always have to ignore the rationale for each gas in their own death. Since some of his daughter, he and cold weather to give her daughter more than the clothes to wear; daughter learning to walk, and she let fall a good; … …
Now, he never said to me, I love you this kind of case, I always feel that the President seems to be the same as I do not love, and sometimes like a child I always used the same eyes looked at him puzzled and asked I also love him. He always smiled and said, stupid, love is not necessarily the mention of. And those who hung on every day talking about love and it is not true love, it may not be the everlasting and unchanging. I love you, my heart used to love you, I have put my heart has been. Every time he said this, the meet was always so.

But occasionally I will cherish the memory of the past, perhaps this is the nature of a woman‘s right! They know that these are impractical, may still like to go to fantasy. Although I do occasionally, but I still love my husband, my daughter loves. Because I know these are the real life.

President is very thoughtful, and every time I fall ill, and he will stay at home to take care of me, help me do housework. Although he was not so romantic, but I still care about him, because I know life is real good. I envy those who have cars have room for friends, but I still feel that their very happy!

Now their hope, like write the lyrics as: I can think of romantic things like that and slowly grow old with you until we go to where the old can not, you still my heart as you Bao.












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