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  1. Different cultures seek advice in different ways. But when it comes to money, more and more people seek advice from HSBC. With over 7,000 offices in some 80 countries, our experience may prove to be a financial blessing. Whether you’re opening an internet café, or starting a new business, whatever your financial needs, we never underestimate the importance of local knowledge. HSBC. The world’s local bank.

  2. “I’ve a great respect for the sun. I believe in the sun.” he also has a thing about trees. And in the embers of a wood-burning stove, he sees a power plant of the future. “Fossil fuels, on their own, can’t be the answer.” He believes that almost half our energy could one day come from renewable sources, like solar panels, and sustainable forests. He’s been called a dreamer and a crank. “ And I’ve been called a hippie.” And more recently, a project manager for Shell.

  3. Dengue fever is transmitted by Aedes albopictus, a mosquito commonly found in Hong Kong. To prevent local transmission of the disease, mosquito-breeding places must be eliminated. Containers that can hold water, such as empty soft-drink cans, and empty lunchboxes, must be disposed of properly. Disused tires tured or wrapped up to avoid water accumulation. Let’s remove stagnant water. Eliminate mosquitoes for healthy living.








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