Just do it now 在现就做

First, let me tell you a story.

  Kevin2000, a 17-year-old high school senior is a boy like some of us who like putting off things until tomorrow. He often says: ” I‘ll do it tomorrow.” One Friday evening, as usual, he put off his homework and went to sleep.

  He dreamed time passed like a shooting arrow. Now it was 2030,he saw a man wearing a shabby jacket full of patches, wandering in the street. Kevin 2000 found the man liked familiar. Suddenly he realized the man was none other than 47-year-old Kevin, himself. He couldn‘t believe it! Why could he become so terrible?

  Then Kevin 2030 told him it was because he always puts off things until tomorrow. In the end he had accomplished nothing.

  Shocked by his dream, Kevin 2000 woke up. He realized never put what one can do today till tomorrow. Because the future is now.

  Yes, you may say it is just a story. The plot maybe exaggerated. However you may find your shadow in the story. But why do some people always leave things till tomorrow? To them, time is never to be used up. If today ends, there is still tomorrow.

  In my opinion, Future is somewhat a mystery, for nobody can tell what his future will be. You may win the lottery and become a millionaire overnight and you may have an accident and become paralyzed. So future is just like a butterfly, when you extend your arms and try to get it, are you sure you can get it.

  William Shakespeare once said:” On the great clock of time, there is only one word-that is ‘now‘. Now means today. Now is more practical than future. If you grasp today firmly, you‘ll catch your future. Maybe everyone knows the famous slogan of Nike Company, “Just do it!” I‘m going to add one word to it, “Just do it now!”(英语小故事带翻译 www.lyy5.com)











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