When Will It Stop何时才会停止

        After The World Trade Center were destroyed by terrorist attack on September 11th ,2001, the USA began to object to the terrorist activities. In the past three years, the USA and Afghanistan and Iraq have broken out two wars. And the one with Iraq was even more ruinous. It appears to us that what the USA have done is just for human’s peace. But in actual fact, it just asks for it’s own benefit under the words that they were against the terrorist activities. And I think the USA and England have a war with Iraq just on the purpose that they demand more oil. As a result, Japan also send it’s army to Iraq now, for the same reason. But they only said that they are against the terrorist activities. The more they are against it, the more terrorist activities the world suffers. They are destroying the world’s peace. Therefore, when should the action against terrorist activities stop? I’m looking forward to this day, which is wished to come as early as possible.(英语美文 www.lyy5.com )




        2001年9月11日在世界贸易中心受到恐怖袭击摧毁后 ,美国开始反对恐怖活动。在过去三年,美国和阿富汗和伊拉克 爆发了两次战争。而伊拉克更是一个毁灭性的。在我们看来,现在的美国已经做的只是为 人类的和平。但事实上,它只是在自身利益下进行要求的,他们反对恐怖主义是自己的利益 活动。而我认为美国和英国的目的,只是他们需要更多的石油与伊拉克战争。因此, 日本也把它的军队前往伊拉克现在,出于同样的原因。但他们只是说,他们反对恐怖主义的 活动。他们越是反对,就越是世界的恐怖活动受到影响。他们摧毁了世界上 和平。因此,应在打击恐怖主义活动的行动制止?我期待着这一天,越快越好。

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