Self manifesto 自我宣言

I’m unique in this world. Maybe I’m similar to others in some way, but I’m irreplaceable. Every word and behavior of mine is with my personality, because it’s my own choice.


I’m my own master, my body, from head to feet; my brain, including emotions and thoughts; my eyes, including everything I can see; my feelings, no matter exciting and happy, or sad and disappointed; my words, no matter is right or wrong, pleasant to the ear or not; my voice, no matter is sort or low; and what I do and how I behaves, no matter is remarkable or needed improving.

I have my own illusion, dreams, hope and fear.

I create my success and I’m responsible for my failure.

Because I’m the master of my fate, so I understand myself in deep. Because of that, I’m able to like myself, accept everything of myself, so I can show my best side to the world.


However, people will confuse about themselves more or less, there is always a corner of our heart which cannot be understood by ourselves. Nonetheless, all I have to do is support and love myself more, I must summon the nerves to find the answer to the question in my heart, and learn more about myself.

I have to accept everything that I see and hear, every word, every thought, because that is my true feelings. And then I can check those behaviors from my heart, if it is inappropriate, I will correct it; if it is appropriate, I will keep on doing it.

I’m healthy; I can earn my own living. I’m willing to play to my potentials, and care about the others; I will devote myself to create a better world.

I can handle myself, be my own boss.

I am who I am; there won’t be anther me in the world.(英语美文 )

















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