Is Failure a Bad Thing? 失败是一件坏事吗

        It is quite usual that one meets failures, for one‘s life can never be plain sailing. However, different people hold different attitudes towards failure.    Some people think it a heavy blow to fail in achieving something and they can not endure failure.

When they meet failure, they will be seriously dejected and can never pluck up their courage to try again.

 However, others think it natural to meet failures in one‘s career. Therefore, they are psychologically prepared. When they meet failures, they will not be frustrated. Instead, they will continue to meet new challenges.    As to me, I‘m in favor of the latter view. Failure is really a terrible thing but it is also the mother of success. If one draws lessons from failures, in most cases he will get success in the future. Furthermore, one‘s life can never be smooth sailing; it must be full of difficulies and setbacks. If one is daunted by difficulies and frustrations, he will always be a failure. However, if one holds a positive attitude toward failure, he will overcome difficulties and frustrations to win victory.(英语美文 )





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