What is love 什么是爱(散文)

Love is no ordinary thing. It is not voluntary, but when it begins, you will know.

There are three types of love. Infatuation, love of family, and love of your spouse.

Infatuation, most commonly known as “Puppy Love”, is basically love at first sight.
Infatuation can be the beginning of a future spouse love. Though most often infatuation doesn’t amount to much.

Love of family is loving your mother and father, and any siblings you may have. You want to protect them, watch over them, and fill their lives with an unbounding joy. The parents have an innermost feeling for their children, which in my case, they express everyday.

Love of your spouse means loving someone you are married to. Whether husband or wife, you support your spouse with a deep modesty, and you treat them with great respect.

Being possibly the most trivial question of all time, this is one hard question to ask.

Love means to care, to protect, to watch over, to pray for, to make sure the loved person is happy. But to tell you the truth, those are all parts of love. Not love itself.

So, I will tell you what I think of love. Love has a meaning, but we will never know. Many philosophers have tried, but all their attempts have failed. Every single one of them!


Love is not a bond, or a relationship, but more of a heart to heart conversation. When the conversation grows, the bond and relationship forms. Therefore, love creates the bond and relationship.


Still, that leaves us with the main question, what is love?

Okay, so I told you the three types of love. But I still haven’t told you what love is. I told you a definition, a heart to heart conversation, but does that tell you much? No. So, I will put it straight.









夫妻之爱意味着爱你结婚的人。无论是丈夫或妻子,你发自内心地支持你的配偶,给他们以最大的关心和尊重。(英语美文 www.a-xa.com)











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