Bosom Friend’s Day 闺蜜日

 Bosom Friend’s Day is a new festival proposed by some female writers and hosts to appreciate the bosom friend who quietly support you. On that day, friends will gather together to celebrate their own festival, and also they will do something meaningful to show their appreciation to each other.

Bosom friend is neither your lover nor your families, but she perhaps is the one who knows you most and you almost have no secrets in front of her. This is not because she inquires about your staffs, instead you are likely to tell her everything you experience, no matter the happiness or sadness.

Bosom friend is also the one who cares you most among all your friends. When you are happy, she is really happy for you and when you are sad, she may be sadder than you. She is never afraid to tell her real thoughts to you because she believes that the friendship between you and her is strong enough and do not need to beat around the bush. As a result, she may be the only one that can directly points out your mistakes.

To a certain extent, bosom friend is your soul mate and part of you rather than a friend of you.

Last, thank you for your company and what you did for me, my bosom friend.









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