The Dreamer 追梦人

He walked into the city engrossed in his own thoughts. The eyes seemed totravel the kingdom of unknown. On his forehead, the curly locks trembled withthe cool breeze striking against his face, and a childlike innocence played on his lips.Though he had nothing, he appeared to be the king of his destiny.

People threw a glance at his face and lo, they were mesmerized! His movementinspired a confidence in them. Children flocked around him arrested in apeculiar charm.

“Who is he?” they thought, “A princely figure! A man indeed, but the master ofhis fate.”

Some elderly people halted him. “Stranger,” they said, “you seem to be new tothis city of ours. Which land are you from, and who are the parents so lucky to have a sonlike you?” And he smiled the loveliest smile they had ever seen and opened his lips tosatisfy their curiosity, “I am not special but one from among you. Think me one of your ownchildren and love me as you love them.”

“But you are very much unlike u stranger. Your exuberant face, your naturalgrace, and your eyes beaming the joy of your soul stand you apart from all of uand you say you are one of u walker of the land of the illumined!”

He laughed a hearty laugh and cast an eye full of compassion upon them andsaid, “Still I repeat what I have said before that I am none else but one of you. Yourecognize me not, for you have narrowed your vision with the burden of self-inflictedlimitations. I am the dreamer in you; the dreamer who lets not the world of difficultiessteal his dreams; who allows not his mind to shrink his dreams to fit them in theconfinement of his lean resources which are lean only when you willingly keep themlean repeating to yourself a thousand time ‘I am made only for what I have, and more Ideserve not.‘ I, instead, announce to myself time and again that my dreams are big and myresources are limitles vast enough to encompass all of them. Thu I wither notlike you in the scorching sun of cruel realities.”

And they heard enraptured as if somebody was playing on the flute asoothing note into their ears. It lasted for the time fairly long, and when theycame out of the trance and looked around, they found there not a single soul butnumerous crimson rose petals flying around as if announcing, “Be a dreamer, foryou are what your dreams are.”

And they said to each-other, “Aye, aye, he was none else but the dreamer in us.”











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