Yahoo! by phone 电话雅虎行

  Do you Yahoo? If you don’t, Yahoo is making it easier to check your email. Especially when you’re on the go.


  “To learn more about Yahoo by phone, press zero.”

  It’s called “Yahoo! by phone”. The idea you don’t have to have a computer to access to Internet. Forget a mouse click. All you need is a touch tone. Several small companies like Tell-me and BeVocal have already launched similar systems that use voice portals. Yahoo’s offers email.

  “they can listen to stock quotes, they can listen to news, they can listen to sports scores and they can listen to weather.”

  Lisa Pollack is the project’s senior producer. She said this new technology which turns text into synthesized speech, is helping to bridge the digital divide.

  “nearly everyone has a phone, there are more people that have telephones than have PCs. And this is just one way for us to make people to access their information. Let’s say you’re expecting a good message from a good friend of yours, that you’re may be going to meet her for dinner. And you think she might have tried to contract you by email. Well you call in and listen to your email.

  And she says you don’t have to be computer savvy to use it. Here’s is how it works. Just dial 1800-myYahoo, punch in your code and listen. 

  “Hi, and welcome to Yahoo!”

  “so what it really does is release people from their electronic tether to their PC, so now they can access their information from wherever they are.

  “thank you for using Yahoo, goodbye!”




  那就是所谓的“电话雅虎行”。这想法就是,不必用电脑上网,更不用鼠标,你只要说话字正腔圆。几家像“Tell me”和“BeVocal”等规模稍小的公司已经启动了使用语音系统的类似系统。雅虎则在提供电子邮件方面的使用。







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