It is written for you 写给你

    You have asked me to written an essay for you for many times.I have  no  idea of writting from where.From the moment that you put my hand in your hand,I knew I  could  not forget you.
    We are in long-diatance relationship.We cannot see each other all the  time.  We cannot embrace each other all the time.We cannot accompany beside each other all the time.But believe me that I am loyal to our love and my  hert has never gone far away.

    It is a sweet burden to miss you.I am willing to take this burden,and enjoy this burden. 

    It is graceful grief and sweet sadness to think of you, but in my heart, there   is a kind of soft warmth that cannot be expressed with any choice of words.

    This essay is written for you,and it is not finished.I want to write it with  you together ……till forever……






这篇散文是写给你的,它还没有写完。我想和你一起写它…… ……直到永远


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